247 Attractive Man Podcast #4 – Masterclass Los Angeles Bootcamp Review and Results

A lot of the newer guys that bumped into this site have been wondering what really happens during our live camps. Maybe some of you have taken a handful of PUA boot camps or seminars and want to hear about the difference when you take a 24/7 Attractive Man Masterclass. Our Masterclass is a TOTAL SKILLSET CAMP that deals with both beginner and advanced students alike.

Now there isn’t a lot of time left to make a decision, since there are less than a handful Masterclasses left for 2010. That’s the:

Masterclass in San Francisco, October 22-24 (Click Here)

Masterclass Asian Summit in Manila, November 5-6(Click Here)

Masterclass Asian Summit in Singapore, November 12-14(Click Here)

Masterclass in Los Angeles, November 19-21(Click Here)

Masterclass in Seoul Korea, November 19-21(Click Here)

…and I’ll add one or two more to close out the year

Well, if you aren’t tired enough of hearing more student success stories, here’s a BLOW BY BLOW account of what happened that fateful weekend in Los Angeles, straight from our Alumni’s mouth.

You’ll find out our Alumni’s background with women, WHAT made him sign up, and WHAT were the key events that occurred (bad and good) during his weekend that propelled him into success.

You’ll see WHY the Masterclass is a TOTAL SKILL SET camp, and how it differs from say, the Mentorship Program, Champions of Choice, College Invasion, Instant Connections Formula, ETC. You’ll see why taking a live program with us makes those skills stick way beyond the weekend.

By the end of this audio podcast, I believe you’ll make some better choices on which programs to take under the 24/7 Attractive Man System.


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