247 Attractive Man Masterclass Asian Summit Review from Carl

Hey All,

I’m typing this from my hotel room in Singapore. We’ve had a crazy time so far this side of the world, with enough video blog material, media appearances, fun crazy BS, and of course, intense lessons from the field. Don’t worry in time, I’ll find away to disperse the good shit all over the COC’s, War Room posts, and the Mastermind emails.

Here’s a quick review from Carl, one of our Manila Masterclass Summit attendees:

The whole Masterclass experience was a major eye opener for me. You have to know what you want, do what you want and everything else just happens.

I saw how people naturally gravitated towards us when they saw we were genuinely having a good time. You can’t fake the experience by saying a magic word or doing some crazy stunt.  On the first night we were out, I was surprised to see how easy it was to attract people when you have this natural vibe that shows you’re just having a good time.

The Masterclass summit put my mind in the right mindset to apply the things I read on the website and on the Champions of Choice members packs, and finally see it HAPPEN LIVE. Everything made more sense after seeing and hearing Troy and the crew in action.

I invite everyone who’s curious to join a masterclass and see for yourself how fun and easy it is to attract people you want.  Thanks for coming by Manila and for spending time with us Troy. I know I can really improve myself now after the summit.


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