How to Conquer Limiting Beliefs: Watch Shane Groove’s Story



Have you ever felt that you were inferior in ANY way? Did feeling inferior have a significant effect on your confidence in meeting women and projecting a strong social presence? Well, If you want to know how one of our top guys got over his limiting beliefs and moved forward, then make sure to listen to our San Francisco Instructor Shane Groove’s story.  He’s a very strong lifestyle advocate and started exactly where everyone was. We released this as a Facebook Exclusive but because of a huge wave of good comments on the video I decided to put it up on 247 Attractive TV.

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Shane’s blog can be found at

Listen to one of the best Podcast Interviews I did with Shane HERE

Shane will also hold a Masterclass in San Francisco on November 11-13, Reserve Early and get it at a discount HERE


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  1. By Mr A4, August 18, 2011 @ 6:42 pm


    That’s a real good story bro. It touched my heart hearing it.

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