How to Attract Women in Groups

ATTRACTIVE WOMEN ROLL IN GROUPS. Its inevitable and you cannot avoid it. I can put a hundred dollar bet that every guy who’s ever tried to attract women has dealt with this situation over and over. Walking up to one lady is fine, but eventually all men have to deal with those two, three, or four girls she’s with. Oh, and by the way in 247 Attractive Man these women are NOT obstacles like what those “other idiots” say they are. Bottom line, to win her over you have to win over her friends.

Today I’ll talk a bit about how to attract women in groups using Attractive Charisma and give you guys 3 powerful tips to get you ready for the flock. This is a very, very important skill set.

Tip #1: Slow Down

Pick Up Artists SUCK BALLS in groups, primarily because of their uber-proactive nature of having to do things all the time. This jerky, sudden way of acting sets off alarm signals from women immediately, so try to chill out when you’re getting with a group. If you got blown out of the group because you were too hyper give me a hell yeah and never do that again!

An old saying of mine is “You cannot control the situation, so the best thing to control is yourself.” Being in a group of women can overwhelm you if you’re the over thinking type. If there are 3 or more women listen there’s no rush. Just concentrate on how you’re acting in this group no matter what happens, because curve balls such as new friends arriving, other guys hitting on them arriving, and some leaving will happen.

Listen, its going to be a long night, so stop overanalyzing, save your energy and just befriend, befriend, befriend… which leads me to my second tip

Tip #2: Attract them ALL and you’ve Attracted your Target

Don’t EVER just focus on the woman you like if she’s in the group. NEVER. Avoid going for the jugular. Most guys will just go for who they’re interested in and consequently ignore the other ladies in the group. This is a bad move, and unless you’re easily given the go signal, you’re going to get cock blocked up the wazzoo. This is prevalent even with 2 girls.

When I deal with a situation like this I slow my ass down. Versus most guys in the “pick up mindset,” I see that the goal overall is to win her AND her friends over. This is where I pick up my basket of Attractive Charisma skills and in a stealth mode kinda way, charm the entire group. Remember, her friends have a HUGE INFLUENTIAL FACTOR on her. If I’ve got more than half the group’s vote, its smooth sailing from there. If you get a thumbs down from them, expect a long hard night buddy.

Tip #3: At Some Point, Let them know Who it is you’re interested in.

If you followed the first 2 things on the list, then the third one should be a piece of cake. Eventually you want to establish to everyone who it is you’re interested in. I’ve seen many guys NOT do this and eventually get branded as either the court jester or worse the gay guy due to the over friendly vibes.

When I’ve won over the group, you can bet on me saying, “Jackie, she’s cute” or “Is Jackie single?” or “Okay, you have to tell me which ones are single here because you gals are awesome.” to establish who it is I like. If she is single, you can bet on her friends stepping aside and paving the way for me to make my move. In some cases I’ve had women sell me to the target, and that makes things even easier.

There you have it, 3 powerful tips to change your paradigm on how to deal with women in groups.

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Trust me when I say this is unavoidable. If you don’t know the specific rules and methods of attracting women in groups, then you can’t get women. You can spend all your time in the Internet trying to chat up women but in the real world this is a necessary skill that is one of the best investments you can ever make on your social life.


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