London Alumni Success Report: Hired Gun Pick Up to Lay

Hey Guys,

This is a promised report I sent to Troy once we were done with our London Camp. It’s one of my success stories where I’ve laid pretty much one of the hottest girls I’ve ever picked up, AND she was a hired gun. Anyways, here it is so you can get some tips on how to pick up hired guns:

Just like Troy suggests, a night out needs some pre-partying. So I enter the bar with one of my friends, we are out for a big night, as I enter I notice a big corona bottle mascot. Inside, the place is heaving. this is the ONLY warm up spot before we go to the club.

So I head to the bar and order a drink, banter with the bartender and I am generally chilled, not too concerned with approaching tonight. I then notice two corona promo girls approaching guys left right and centre but don’t take too much notice of them.


When you’re on rapid fire pick up mode, interestingly that’s when women become repulsed. When you’re on chill out mode with your best friends and are all about creating the Mega Vibe, that’s when women come over. This reminds me of the story Troy said about Strippers. They are attracted to guys that are not uber-proactive in terms of picking up.

So, all of the sudden one promo girl approaches me trying to get me to buy some coronas. I notice her accent and ask her where she’s from, turns out she’s from Washington and moved here in London while studying international relations, (whatever that is lol) so I remained chilled and used humor with her by demanding my cut  I buy the beer, she tells me she’s doing it strictly for the love of the corona brand LOL.

Anyway I end up Being led by her to the bar to buy coronas feeling like I may have just been hustled, get my coronas and my free gift, some corona key ring thing, and relax while corona girl disappears off talking to some other guys. Now I know some of you are thinking “wrong move,” but some rules are meant to be broken as long as you don’t act all needy afterwards.

As I’m enjoying my beer out of nowhere pops corona girl who is apologising for leaving and talking to the other guys, this is the point where I thought that this chick was into me. Through my time at the bar every now and then we would bump into each other and talk for short  periods, I then attempt to get her logistics and ask her what time she finishes and what she is dong afterwards to which she says she’s going home to sleep, she then says she has to get back to work but that I should come and find her before she leaves or she will come and find me before she leaves. ‘

This all had me baffled as this girl was f**ng HOT and I was putting very little effort in and just being relaxed and chilled, i did however have good body language and was making strong eye contact. My resolve was what Troy had taught me about hired guns: Out of all the guys that were hitting on her I was different. I didn’t jump into neediness and take advantage of her time. I didn’t milk her time and understood that she was working. So it was good that I got logistics in little periods of conversation and during the high points let her go.

Anyway it came time for me to leave so I found her with some guy hitting on her and her looking repulsed lol, she sees me and smiles and I discreetly take her number down so as not to get her into trouble. all in all I would have to say that it was the easiest number I have ever gotten.

So I call her and we txt back and forth a bit we arrange to meet on the following Wednesday and she says she cant make it. Understood. Most women like her are real busy, so I remain cool anyways.

Eventually the following Saturday I get a txt from her asking what I’m up to that night, I txt her back saying I have no definite plans and we arrange to meet. We meet and I have no plans whatsoever so we end up walking around London looking for a cool enough bar while talking, she turns out to be an interesting girl: she knows 5 languages, she is half Czech half Nigerian, and grew up in Germany until she was 13 and then moved to America.

We find a bar and just chill and vibe for a while then at the high point I then figured I should move the interaction to a place where I can get more physical escalation so I take her to a club. With all the previous interactions with her I concluded that this was a GREEN LIGHT – that all i needed to do was keep creating high points and lead! lead! lead!

Once in the club I totally DROP all that pro-active stuff. When you’ve got the Commitment Wheel it is on and it cannot be stopped! Before long she starts a full on tongue down while where in the middle of the dance floor and where all over each other. We were only in the club around 20 minutes when we hit another high point – she asks me “what are u thinking” to which I reply “ I’m thinking we should get out of here” she smiles and we leave, we end up at her place and the rest is history…

See you all at the London Masterclass in October!


Alumni, London Masterclass 2008

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