First Time Ever: We’re Giving Away a FREE Champions of Choice Audio Track from the April Foundations Pack

CLICK ON THE IMAGE to Get the FREE Audio and Download the Entire Series for $29.95! This Important Audio talks about HOW to ACTUALLY CREATE A GAME PLAN specifically for meeting and dating women. A CAN'T MISS!

Yes, this isn’t a joke. TODAY you’re getting the opportunity to download an ACTUAL AUDIO from the latest Champions of Choice “Foundational Theory” Pack which releases tomorrow, June 20. FREE OF CHARGE.

This Audio, which is ONLY PART 1 out of 6 Valuable Audios on our Foundations Pack is about How to Create a Game Plan for Meeting and Dating Women Easily (PART 1)

Everyone knows that having a DEFINITE GAME PLAN is the key to having concise and REPEATED success with women. Its something that nearly EVERY BEGINNER seems to miss, and that every uber successful player always considers BEFORE even starting to meet women.

If you haven’t taken a Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program personally with me and you’d like to get PREMIUM ADVICE on how to set up a game plan for getting women, then grab the free audio by clicking the image to your right which takes you straight to the download area. It’s 100% free of charge. Again this is NOT a free audio cast, this is a piece of the ACTUAL PRODUCT that we give out to almost a hundred members in our premium membership service each month.

If you like it and would like go grab the remaining audios and the Gold Newsletter Bonus, simply subscribe and you’ll get the rest as they release tonight.

Enjoy Guys!


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