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Hey guys, this is Frank “the Eagle” writing from Germany. I am an alumni from the Amsterdam Masterclass 1.0 this year with Troy and Julian. I wanted to share with you a Christmas field report about a first date-lay that just happened to me just recently. I was pretty happy to tell this to Troy while he was recording his Christmas message (yeap, that was me!) and so just the same I’d like to share it to everyone here, my brothers.

Troy is known for being a “preconceived seduction” guy and he does not like wasting time especially on dates. On his COC on closing dates, he kept reiterating the difference between going on a one on one date (which most generic guys do) versus going on a meet up (a low pressure thing where you can build attraction first). I’ve learned the hard way which one NOT to follow so in this case I carefully played the game the way Troy taught it.  In this case, I had known this pretty girl for about two weeks on Facebook and we exchanged numbers, however I did not push for the first date until I felt my instincts told me that some sort of attraction was established.

When I finally suggested the date it was Thursday the next week – she agreed. It went totally different that I had planned.  Due to all that Preconceived Seducing, she liked me from the start, because the first time we met she gave me a big hug which was pretty unusual for a date.

We first went to a post office, it was raining and I held my umbrella above her head. I wanted my set to be in a low pressure environment, but when I suggested to go to a cafe, she said no it’s ok, lets hang out in my place, its more comfortable! :) As Troy says, women have game plans too, and you have to be prospected for that to happen. If you’re not on their radar they won’t game plan around you. Again, most men make the mistake of going for a first date as a one on one isolation without any established attraction. I didn’t do that, stayed disciplined, and got myself in the prospecting zone first. Troy says that when you meet and you’re exactly who you say you are, this stuff happens. Actually, this is very similar to how Troy and his fiancee ended up together!

We went to her place and she asked if I had already eaten something. We both had not, and so she started cooking for both of us. In my mind, I didn’t think about seducing her in the first place, but acted from my gut at all times. I helped her cut the vegetables and stuff, and revealed that I was not at all familiar with cooking, and to my surprise she liked it! I guess this is what Troy means by being “comfortable under my own skin”… one of the five attributes that he teaches.

I planted a seed in her head when I checked out a spice she used for cooking, it’s called “Scharfmacher”, what means “spicy maker” but can also mean “horny maker” if you translate it directly from German. I said “Hey, this spice doesn’t have an aphrodisiac effect, does it?” She laughed and said no. We went to the table and had a great meal. I complimented her honestly on the food, it was superb! After that, she went to the couch and took a seat on the one end. I hesitated a bit, staying at the table, but then I got up and took a seat on the couch, not next to her, but in a comfortable distance to her, creating tension.

We had a nice conversation about her and about me, and at this point all I had to do was flow with her and not worry about anything and I built even more comfort with her. Eventually, she put her feet on the couch towards me, so her feet touched my thighs a little bit. We started getting cuddly, and some minutes later we were really close face to face on the couch. But I felt tension, it was too early to kiss her, so I hesitated and we were just there for a while. Again a few minutes later I felt no resistance at all – time to escalate – we started kissing, more and more intense when she suddenly backed off, pushed me back and said to me she did not want a ONS, no Sex on the first date, and put an sharp eye on my reaction (Unshakability test), which I passed perfectly (Thanks again to the COC on Unshakability).

With 247 AM its more than just sex, its about learning how to be attractive and sex is just a byproduct!

She said she first wanted to get to know me better. I stayed calm and relaxed, told her I wasn’t planning to do so and we simply continued the conversation. It was dark outside already, and before the conversation had a chance to get boring (an obvious high point), I got up and offered to leave, to prevent her from throwing me out and keeping it smooth and polite. She said you can leave if you wish so, but you don’t have to go already.

So I stayed. After a bit more touching and some kissing, she went to her room and said I should wait on the couch, she’ll be right back. She came back wearing a black negligÈ (click here if you don’t know what that is)……and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING under it! :) It was game over! We made love like crazy that night and I’m glad that it all panned out well.

I went home later that evening because I had not even a tooth brush in my car, and we planned to meet again to go to a theme park on December 26th – because I had a Christmas dinner with my family on the 25th. Without even worrying about it, she later texted me ,”how about you come to my place on the evening of 25th already?” BOOM! We did it again. This is what Troy means by established attraction. They just keep wanting you after and its a great life. I am on a high right now because she’s an awesome chick who I definitely enjoy being with.

I want to emphasize that I’m an intermediate 24/7AM, and nowhere close to Julian the German Falcon or other Top Scorers, I’ve failed many times. It is all about practise and fail, practise and fail, practise and……you know 😉 There are no possible short cuts! I’m a proud alumni of the Amsterdam Masterclass and I heard there will be another one in Feb so if you’re thinking about it DO NOT HESITATE to take training from Troy and Jules they are the BEST… especially when they’re together. :)

I wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all of you!

Frank “The Eagle”


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