Fashion Tips for Men: Rock the Cazal 951 Sunglasses

What did I tell you guys. Literally weeks after I posted my article on the Varsity Jacket it became all the rage in the fashion world as my research suggested. All of a sudden Nike Destroyer Jackets sold out and Gucci started outfitting guys like Eminem and P-Diddy with them. Now my sights are set on this $200 Armani Exchange leather lined wool varsity jacket that just looks fine as hell.

Now a lot of you guys know that I love designer eyewear. I think it spells subtle class, a little bit of mystique, edge, and shows you’re trendy. Today I’ll be talking about my next eyewear pick (I actually have several picks), the Vintage Cazal 951. (The Havana/Brown Gradient frame is pictured below)

Cazal’s have always been a timeless classic that started during the early hip hop era then came full blast once they got repro-ed years later. Nowadays all these older vintage models have been repro-ed but for me the 951’s are the best.

Now I must warn you: These things are for VERY fashion forward, upscale hype type of men.

What clothes work with the Cazal? You’re looking at mono color v-necks, henleys, or polos for the Spring and jeans. I mix up mine with black, white, navy or grey/cream colors and nice sharp straight cut jeans.

Nowadays if you want to get a decent piece of designer eyewear you’re looking at spending $200 minimum taxes included, and there are literally TONS out there. As I’ve said before if you’ve saved up a few weeks (or months) of work time on a pair that you can rock for years to come (thank you to my Masterclass Amsterdam client Mark L for noting this), then you should invest in not a trend, but a statement that’s been used forever.


I give this a 4/5 but it can be a 5/5 if you’re into larger sunglasses to fit your face. Again this is not meant to be mixed with ANY loud clothing.

Versatility Quotient:

Three models of 951’s are out and we’re not adding the limited edition ones (Yellow, Red, or White frames) simply because those aren’t versatile enough. In my opinion, the best one is the Havana/Gold frame because it doesn’t have too much gold in it (like the gold/brown frame), and the brown gradient looks much classier than the classic black gradient lens.

Swag Quotient:

Obviously the swag quotient on these bad boys is pretty high. You can rock them at any time of the day (maybe even in the club for a rock star effect) due to the gradient lenses. Matter of fact, many old school owners of 951’s have taken theirs to optical shops to put prescription lenses on them (something I discovered while researching on the pair for me.) The unique frame, size, and design of the 951’s are just unbeatable and when people research it they’ll find its one of the most well-respected brands in the business. If you want to have that celebrity look you’ll find that guys like Usher, P-Diddy, Amber Rose, and many other rock these shades.

I’ll drop more eyewear choices on more fashion tips for men posts. Where to get these the cheapest? Try ebay. I found a pair for only $270 with free shipping.


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