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On Tuan getting his L-L On: Brown leather golfer cap and wool/leather varisty jacket by Jordan Brand. SWAG.

We’re currently at the Walk with Troy and Experience the Magic weekend here in beautiful Seoul Korea. Hopefully through these pictures you can get a feel for our amazing experience here and someday sign up when the opportunity to come back here opens again. Its so worth it, guys.

One of my inspirations for going to Korea (other than the women, which one of my crewmates already said, he “loves so much” being here a mere two days), is the FASHION. As many of you know, pop culture is really heavy here in Seoul. Matter of fact, they have their OWN brand of pop culture called K-Pop. Its so powerful that K-Pop to this day has many NON-KOREAN fans that enjoy the music, style, fashion, and personalities within that world. I myself enjoy some K-Pop even if I don’t understand what the heck they’re saying.

Onto the serious side:

As a fashion expert, I find my inspiration from delving deep into other cultures and sub cultures, and that’s how I’m able to put together some really tight archetypes and outfits for our personal Shop Contraband clients. Like Bruce Lee, my idol, I see what works and what doesn’t in a particular culture and take the best things from it that suit myself and my clients.

The advantage in Seoul is that the fashion is pretty loud that you can get key pieces that show DETAIL. No, you shouldn’t go extreme but the scarves, jackets, blazers, and hand-made shoes have a ton of detail.

Seoul has everything, that’s why if you want more tips when you get here, keep reading:

Check out the back of this amazing wool jacket!

As a personal stylist I had to take advantage of that. My client flew all the way from London England and had style issues primarily because he’s an Asian and most clothes in London don’t really fit him well nor are tailored fit to make him look good. As expected, doing the bootcamp here in Seoul really delivered. He was able to get ENTIRE  SWAG OUTFITS for his Winter and Spring fashion for a fraction of what it would cost him to buy one or two jackets in London at a very expensive price.

So for this shopping spree, we outfitted our client with Wool Coats, special blazers, bomber and varsity jackets. He also spotted for himself a nice leather backpack that would compliment his entire look when he goes back for University in London. As I’ve said before we are fashion experts that make you look like the above average and exceptional version of yourself. So if you’re a student we make you look like an exceptional looking student… if you’re an executive we make you an exceptional looking executive.

Now the BIG REASON to go to Seoul is the brand MCM. MCM is a rising brand that is too good that we have to make a separate article on it. We’ve been mobbed by Japanese and Korean girls because we rock our MCM’s like we just took our Cadillac’s out the driveway. Unfortunately MCM doesn’t have many boutiques worldwide, and I myself have to get my stuff shipped from Seoul so going into Seoul my mouth started salivating going to the source of all the good stuff. MCM is a German brand that’s been around for quite awhile but it was only when the K-Pop stars as well as stars in Hollywood were rocking it that it got big.

You can check their English website and blog HERE

Crew Mate CL247 Wearing a Beige MCM Visetos Backpack at MCM Haus

So, we went to MCM HAUS, which, if you go to Seoul, is just in front of the Galleria Mall in Seoul, Korea if you’re looking for it. The highlight item of MCM are the Visetos Stark Backpacks, which are all the craze nowadays worldwide. They might set you a few bucks back (one backpack is around $600-$700), but trust me, its going to really catch the attention of any fashion-forward person and you’ll get a lot of respect for it. It also might be a good goal or gift to yourself if you start breaking the bank someday lol.

So, where do you go here for fashion if you’re a guy? First, go to Itaewon. Don’t expect much from the outer appearance of the place, as its a collection of underground markets (yes, you heard me) as well as bazaars and such. This is perfect for the fashion seeker that really is training his eye for key stuff. If you’re the adventurous type I suggest spending a good 2-3 hours in Itaewon.

If you’re going for retail stores, the place to go is Myeong Dong shopping district. They have everything there and if you want to see what Korean fashion retail-wise is, its the place to go. We’re going to really explore Myeong Dong on Sunday, but when we tried it out on Thursday we were very impressed.

What else to expect from Seoul? A lot of walking and cardio. It’s really great because the weather is amazing (it snowed today lightly), so its always a nice day out unless it hits the negatives.

Okay, that’s all for now. We’re just two days in here and there’s so much going on already. Now on what happened with the women, I think I’ll reserve the stories for the clients to tell themselves. We will be back here again near the end of the year so definitely think about doing a Walk with Troy and Experience the Magic Weekend in Seoul. It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life.

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