247 Attractive Man Review: Europe Private Instruction Results!

Having us teach you our tried and tested methods of navigating and succeeding in the trendiest nightclubs is like taking steroids to a boxing match. It's simply unfair :)

Hi this is Adam. I just finished Troy’s Private Instruction camp in Portugal and it was such a life changing experience that I hope this review can encapsulate everything that happened (or at least 80%). At first, Troy and I started contact via a Skype call where I could ask some questions and get to know him more. During this time, I added some questions about signing up for the workshop, as i didn’t understand exactly how was Troy’s method in pickup and more importantly his lifestyle, but a friend of mine who had referred me to him strongly was getting results, specially in increasing a quality social circle, advised me to sign up. Upon finding out about Troy’s very busy schedule with the Lifestyle Retreat ending in April I said what the heck, why wait when I could do it now.

So that’s what i did, and Troy flew to come see me, and what was so amazing was that those questions I’ve always wanted to know were answered IMMEDIATELY on the 1st day of the workshop. it is a very simple method, just show the 5attributes in the first 15min to get a solid first impression! Again, the things I liked the most about the workshop was Troy’s availability to answer ALL my questions about anything. He didn’t answer them based out of some lame theories but out of almost a decade learning, teaching, and preaching the science of attractiveness. Without holding back one bit, he told me right away what were my weaknesses and things that needed changing. As a person who is serious about improvement, I prefer his method of teaching that way, better to take critics and change than to be forever be in the dark like where I was before. As he said he did not travel across the Atlantic to simply give me a bunch of fluff theory that doesn’t work. We were there to really get stuff done.

Another big thing that I liked was Troy’s ability to see the best of me, my potential that I didn’t know I had. As a mentor, Troy saw my blind spots. He told me that most of us guys shoot ourselves in the foot because of various little “technicalities” that need to be fixed immediately. He said that most men suck at women not because they suck as people, but the way they convey themselves is very blurred and incongruent. With me, he saw a self-assured person by the way I talked, but the “believability” part needed work. I found that out the hard way Friday night. Most women simply passed me off even with me talking a lot to them. Troy, with his archetype on 100%, says a few things and charmed the most beautiful woman in the room. Okay, lesson learned. Saturday Morning, off we went on the Archetype shopping. During the walk home he also explained niche theory and how going to random bars and hang out spots is very ineffective and we found that out first hand.

We went to a Zara and invested in what would cause clarity in my interactions with women: the archetype. Troy being a style and image guru who releases swagger fashion tips, got my look straightened out. I literally went from geek to chic with one mega congruent outfit. Now many of you may not know this, but the women I interacted with that night kept comparing me to a very popular Portuguese actor, Ricardo Araujo Pereira. All of this happened with very few tweaks based on Troy’s 10 years of experience. Not only did they compare me by looks, but by the way I talked.

So about results: The real cool stuff happened on Saturday night, when everything we worked on from Friday and Saturday got put together and were in synergy! I never, and I mean NEVER saw very attractive women looking at me on the street checking me out from head to toe! From conversations in the streets, to talking to store girls, to even women in the club which was totally unfamiliar territory for me, I NEVER got rejection. Why? Because I had both believability and credibility.

In the club I talked with some people without any rejection, applying Troy’s principles on how to meet women in clubs. What’s funny is my vibe and aura attracted the attention of an old friend of mine in college, who coincidentally was the PR guy of the club we were in (instant allies!). With Troy’s direction, we got into the most fun interactions we’ve ever had with attractive women in a long time. Matter of fact, I inspired him to talk to new women as he told Troy that I had the biggest balls in all of the men in the club. I was just simply following Troy’s simple no-nonsense system, but you can say that too. :)

The craziest part really for me, which was paradigm changing, was that this one group of women who we talked to and ran the commitment wheel on, ended up leaving the club with us! This has never happened to me. I was so shocked to hear the girls ask me what I was doing after the party. When I invited them for a small get together at this restaurant nearby for some soup, they started talking to each other and I overheard that one of them was considering going home with me! The breakthrough of the night was I saw, with my own two eyes, how to become a prospect women want! That did heaps to my own confidence.

On Sunday we were all about gameplanning. We talked about the Facebook tweaks I needed to do, the Social Circle things I need to do, and even past the camp he referred me to this past article of his that I found so excellent in choosing the right friends. For newcomers like me, I suggest watching his interview video in Portugal where he answers most of the questions about the programs and the 247 AM system.

I HIGHLY recommend getting Troy for a weekend. He does wonders 24/7 when he’s with you.

Adam L

PS: All Private Instruction camps, due to their limited availability, are ALL by request. These are the only live programs I am doing along with the WWTEM Weekends for intermediates as well as the Lifestyle Retreat. To chat with me for questions, add me on Skype at tdtroy10, or email me at troy@247attractiveman.com – Troy

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  1. By nonoy, February 17, 2012 @ 3:19 am

    how i wish i can join in one ofur activities. am from boracay,philippines!

  2. By Mr. Hong, February 17, 2012 @ 3:22 am

    I’m salivating for the March 14-15. I just hope I won’t choke

  3. By T-Pain, February 17, 2012 @ 5:07 am

    Nice! Keep posting shoes man, I get paid tomorrow and am gonna grab another 3-4 sneakers. Just got my Tiger’s the other day along with a box every single day this week of clothes (lol my fkn credit cards) so my wardrobe is definitely getting better each and every day.

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