Day Game is a Joke

Listen, if you’re still pressed on doing this day game creepy stuff, you might want to think about the fact that maybe you’re just doing this to fill in the holes that are missing in your life… i.e. that you don’t have a life. It’s sad because there’s a small group of future stalkers out there who are actually studying this stuff!

As funny as this video is made out to be, this is EXACTLY what goes on out there because during my 2005-2008 community days I even met guys that spent 4 hours in a freaking department store. Listen, its one thing to have a life and normal conversations during the day, but seriously guys going out to do “missions” like these are seriously creepy. Fucking bus stop conversational weirdos!

Also, our Cool VP Henry is making a video right now compiling our TOP 10 for 2011. Watch out for that.

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