Dating Decoded is THIS WEEKEND! Learn the Fine Art of Date Conversion by Taking this Class

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Date Conversion


Using a specific set of skills carefully used in conjunction with a 247 Attractive Man’s lifestyle to seamlessly, successfully and REPEATEDLY do the following:

1) Getting/Influencing women to go out with on dates, and

2) Getting a romantic and/or sexual outcome from these dates

Important enough?

At the end of the day, the critical skills and awareness that you’ll get from our latest seminar franchise (that we made a lot more affordable on its second run) is so important that you shouldn’t miss out on this weekend. THIS IS THE STUFF THAT ACTUALLY GETS WOMEN.

Yes, there are programs and fly by night companies that say that their programs will make you “more social”, “feel confident”, “feel powerful”…. but the REALITY OF IT IS….

If you HAVE NO CLUE on how to get a girl successfully out with you and use a solid game plan and skills on your dates, then I’m sorry to say all the being social and confident crap won’t get you a girl in your bed.


1) Numbers of women you approach

2) Numbers of women you talk to/interact with

3) Telephone Numbers or Facebook addresses of women you collect

3) Times you go out at the bars or clubs or even day time stuff

Will prepare you to actually get your conversion statistics up.

Your ACTUAL Success with Women is Defined by DATE CONVERSION

At the end of the day the question is CAN YOU

1) Take a woman’s contact info solidly and not prematurely

2) Create or develop a strong desire for her to go out with you (a very important conversion process we stress on at THIS specific DD Seminar)

3) AND take that date to a sexual or romantic level….


Put in a nutshell, the keys to Dating Decoded’s amazing conversion rates rely on the GAME PLAN, TIMING, and CALIBRATION to women you meet. These three things are usually the most neglected pieces of the game yet they are the EXACT THINGS that will get you success on dates.

Our 2-hour plus Teleseminar on Saturday (Sunday in Asia) will HAMMER HARD on these conversion mechanisms to ensure that when you meet women, you have a system in place that very easily gets them on a dating spree with you AND get you closer to some sexual or romantic outcomes form them.

Believe me when I say, this Seminar is GOLD. We rarely put out Seminar Franchises that tackle a very key piece of the game so here it is finally.

DD is facilitated by our resident bad-ass and one night stand master, Carl Verneshot (email:

Dating Decoded, our Teleseminar franchise that concentrates SOLELY on Date Conversion, is THIS SATURDAY April 23rd 9 PM CST (April 25, Sunday in Asia 10 am) on SKYPE.

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