Champions of Choice September Pack Update plus a FREE Lesson

Have a much smoother flow into and out of dates with THIS MONTH"S COC RELEASE!

“Your training program at Champions of Choice is TOP NOTCH. I realized through the program that it helps me with tweaking my approach a lot, which is all i needed. I am telling others about you…”

– B. from Atlanta

Check out our FREE LESSON we released today on the Beginning Transitions with Women by CLICKING HERE

This is just one of the many messages I get about what we do for our Champions of Choice Members… and every month we get very excited to announce whats coming next.

The NEXT Champions of Choice Release for September will be on our INFAMOUS DATE TRANSITIONS.

We had a ton of positive feedback on the recent month’s release, Closing the Deal with Women that we felt the need to release even more “transitional” skill set training audios. If more transitioning skill set audios are needed to make you better and more consistent with women, then we will keep making them!

Here are Some VERY Good Reasons to Own this COC Pack:

For me, the most important moments in an interaction happen during the transitioning period, when you choose to act and escalate the situation and make critical decisions. Some men (like us) do this smoothly, some do a crappy job at it, and some are just totally clueless. It is utterly  important to know these key transitions. So far, we’ve released conversational transitions (I believe COC’s 6, 12, and 18), relationship transitions (COC 14), and now we’re releasing another awesome member’s pack on DATE TRANSITIONS.  Every time we release a “transitioning” pack we get tons of praise from our members because it borders a lot on ESCALATION.

Most men are clueless on how to transition especially from the phone number or facebook to the date, and don’t know the fundamentals of ESCALATION. So, here I’m going to share our most successful DATE TRANSITIONS that are going to guarantee a smoother escalation for you AND make things more efficient in setting up dates that succeed.

This is a MUST-HAVE. Especially for the linear or systematic thinkers out there who need some sort of flow on how to transitions INTO A DATE and OUT TO a sexual outcome. We’ll deal with the texting, calling, messaging, and ESPECIALLY the rough patches as well where things go wrong or if a girl throws out a surprise wrench on you.

This all happens THIS September 20th! Take note last month’s pack, Closing the Deal with Women EXPIRES TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 10, so be a member and download it while you can! Find out more about our growing Premium Member’s Program below:


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