Yes, I Turned Her to The Dark Side (New Lay Report Moments Ago)

If you have Moral High Horse Issues, I-Don’t-Mess-With-Women-Who-Have-Boyfriend Issues, or if you’ve got a heavy case of Nice Guy Syndrome, then close this page right now and check with us later when you’ve realized it’s your lack of duality that’s stopping you from succeeding with the ladies.

BUT if you’re all about knowing more about REAL-WORLD success stories with women through 24/7 Attractive Man, then by all means, read on.

This report comes hot off the grill  from our Champions of Choice member and NOW coach and War Room Moderator Bennett. When I mean hot off the grill, we’re talking 4 hours ago.

Thanks to such awesome 24/7 Attractive Bros, we’re getting another play by play of how YOU can use our system and get real results with women.

Take it away brotha!

It’s a Fine Weekend, Gentlemen… and Mine Just Happened to Start with Awesomeness…

In Star Wars, there’s a reason why everyone loves the bad guys; The Emperor, Darth Maul, and of course Darth Vader. Unlike the Jedi Knights, riding their moral high-horse, the Sith don’t give a fuck. They’ll do what they want, when they want, and use all their resources and power to get what they want.

Like the Sith, I’m not afraid of the ‘Dark Side’. Let’s be honest. We all have it, we always will have it, and we sometimes enjoy it. It’s all a matter if you want to ‘turn to it’, and give the big middle finger to our own ‘moral high-horse’.

I can say that, yes, I have turned a girl to the ‘dark side’. It all started over 2 years ago. I was a different guy back then, riding a very high moral high horse.

Guess how often I got laid? Exactly…

This girl was a co-worker of mine, who I frequently ‘muffined‘ with. Back then, I knew she had an attraction for me, just by instincts alone…. But she had a boyfriend, and me riding the horse, said ‘no. I can’t pursue my mutual attraction to her. It’s WRONG. It’s BAD.’

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago.

She friend requests me on facebook, saying how she misses me and wanted to see me again. I thought, sure, why the hell not? It’s fun catching up on old times. As we continued talking over the course of a few days, we mutually start turning the conversations sexual.

Running straight off of the 24/7 Attractive Man Playbook, I start running the Commitment Wheel. I start small, leading to big…

Starts with innuendo and double meanings…

“I’m sure there’ s a lot of things you can do with a quick tongue.”

“Yeah, if I had to stay up until 3am, I know exactly what I’d rather be doing than studying.”

THEN things got blatantly obvious that you’d have to be on some serious pain medication to miss the signs…

“Hey there’s Nothing wrong with dirty talk. I’m always a fan of communication”

This went on back and forth over the phone or oh Facebook, then FINALLY I go all in with the most high-risk/high-reward form of foreshadowing: I call it X-Rated ICF Stories.

You heard it here first, gentlemen. Being an alumni of the Masterclass AND Instant Connections Formula, I somehow found a compromise between the two. Right after I learned how to tell stories of captivation from ICF, I said “hey what the fuck, I can totally mix that with the sexualizing I learned from the Masterclass!” so, the ICF stuff got mixed with the sexual, and voila. I’ve created a mean set of stories that can make women supremely horny and wet.

Just imagine the vivid details I fed into this girls mind as to what we were going to do to each other. She described herself as wild, a nibbler and biter, and one to like dirty talk. I couldn’t help but let out an ‘evil’ smirk as I made her imagination run utterly wild.

How does she respond?

She began sending me camera phone pics of her masturbating. ‘

Oh yes…let your lust flow, girl.

Oh, the situation gets far more interesting. My giant roadblock on the way to the craziest lay of my life was LOGISTICS. So a week passes since our first contact. Words have gotten hot and heavy, and it’s just a matter of actually meeting, but the night we were supposed to meet, something came up beyond both our control.

Oh well, I can be pissed at the logistical Gods, but the best I can do is be patient as Troy always suggests. The only two things I can control is myself and my logistics. She will come…oh yes, she will come.

Second potential roadblock is when she told me ‘there’s this guy. We havent done anything yet, but I think its gonna build up to something. We really like each other.’ Once again, patience. She knows what she’s gonna get, and we both know how bad she wants it. What’s this other guy gonna do?

Here’s the weird curve ball that honestly, made things interesting…

That other guy made it ‘official’ with her, and they become boyfriend/girlfriend.

Well, if he only knew what kind of little devil he has on his hands. It just takes a Sith Lord to let out her lustful darkness.

One night, and another X-Rated ICF later, and I knew she was still bent on having me.

Finally, logistics lined up, and damn how they did. My entire house of 5 other roommates had plans to go camping, but I had to stay back because of my work schedule. That meant an entire house was all to myself. The text came, the directions were sent, and she was at my door.

After a tour of the house, we banish ourselves down to my dungeon, where talks turn into taunts, taunts turn into flirtation, flirtation turns into making out, making out turns into foreplay, and foreplay turns into the lay. Bro fist!

“Hey! Don’t you DARE leave a mark on me!”

“Okay, but why not?”

“Because I have a boyfriend!”

Yes, she was just as wild as she made herself out to be. It just took a man not afraid of the ‘dark side’ to let it out of her, and this is just DAYS after she made it official with some other dude!

It was a great night, and an awesome start to this weekend.

I’ll see y’all at the War Room so we can personally give each other the bro fist!


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