Could the Latest COC, Leadership in Motion be the BEST COC Release So Far?

The Best COC Yet? Find out Tomorrow When it Releases

The title speaks for itself and if you’re a 247 AM fan then this should send excitement triggers to your brain.

This special April Champions of Choice Audio Pack will have both a beginner/foundations component which talks about the basics of leading in motion and how to make the action of leading into a habit. For EVERY MAN OUT THERE who wants to learn how to lead, this is probably the best part of this COC to listen to.

From there we progress into the semi-intermediate to intermediate segment where we talk about things like game planning, contingencies, avoiding mistakes, and leading as an action or reaction for those 247 AM die-hards who love to know the technical aspect of the game.

Leadership in Motion releases TOMORROW, APRIL 21 around Midnight. You can find out about our amazing membership audio program that’s been running for 5 years now by clicking on our site below:


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