247 Attractive Man Product Review: Champions of Choice Consistency Secrets Audio Pack

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I hate to say it but Troy did it again this time with this Champions of Choice release this month with Consistency Secrets. In my opinion, it’s the best CoC to date as I’ve realized lately how important consistency is to how you feel about your life and relationships in general. You can have the clothes, the job, the pad, the wheels, but if you’re not consistent with who you are, you won’t feel happy and you won’t be getting the results you want.

I really enjoyed the 2nd half of the audio where Troy went through the different attributes and how they applied to consistency. Learning to not be a ‘yes man’ and being able to poke fun at yourself is truly the key to living an enjoyable life. I can just remember all the damn laughs me, Troy and Carlo had every single day on the lifestyle retreat simply because us 3 truly valued our time together and enjoying every minute we can, which allowed us to be able to sit there, poke fun and laugh at the dumbest shit.  I still remember day 1 of the Retreat where we were doing ONLY this and the girls were already telling us they wanted to go home with us at the pad. Great fucking times.

The way the CoC’s are going, I believe this year will be the year of evolution. If you’re not applying these last 3 CoC’s into your life (habit buster, social circle expansion and consistency), you’re going to be stuck in limbo for a long time. This Consistency CoC really hits the point home hard on the threads of living an attractive life – life is all about love: love from others and loving yourself! Shit, you can go all the way back to the Bible – you can’t love others until you love yourself. And if you can’t love yourself, how are you going to pick up your feet, move them forward and improve your life? How are you going to provide for a great girl when you can’t even satisfy your own wants? It’s easier said than done – much easier. In order to move forward, you have to have drive.

Well, let this CoC be the key to the ignition. Yes, external validation is an extremely important part of the journey, but I will be the first one to tell you that I would never be where I am until I spent months and months changing myself internally. And honestly, what fired me into the next realm was simply investing thousands of dollars and maxing my credit cards for my archetype, getting an expensive apartment, being forced into a 40 hour/week job. Was it a risk? YES. Was it worth it? HELL YES. And I’ll be in debt for awhile! But I don’t care because it was fucking worth it. Buying 2 grand worth of clothes and shoes transformed me both externally and internally.

I also did a lot of dating the past 5 months which helped bring my insecurities to my face. Turns out that I am a pretty emotional dude. Lame to admit, but now that I KNOW this, I can control it instead of blowing up and being needy/idiot/desperate/dumbass then feeling dumb later/shame/guilt/etc. Seriously deep stuff but important nonetheless. There really is no faster way of having your deep insecurities brought to the surface until you date and have them blow up in your face. Then you can smash them to bits.

Yep this got super long. All in all I will say that Archetype leads to internal validation. Looking good leads to external validation which leads to confidence in yourself which leads to comfortable in yourself which leads to being unshakeable and as you begin to live this way and like who you are, you become consistent which is key. Throw in a little bit of leadership, poke fun at yourself, don’t be a push over, date a little bit join a gym and consistently workout and the full evolution from chump to stud is complete. For me, it hasn’t been easy. I’ve dated some crazy’s along the way and have had my self-esteem smashed to bits. But instead of going back into a corner, I picked myself up, kept looked forward, talked to my mentors and before you know it, higher than ever.

I highly recommend copping this COC to keep for an everyday reference with respect to consistency and also as a constant reminder of WHY you’re doing this. This goes down as one of the best ones in history.

Jeff T-Pain

Lifestyle Retreat 2011 Alumni and Champions of Choice Member

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