Champions of Choice Member Review: Member Gets to Third Base on a Date EASILY

Hey Troy,

I just want to really thank you for continuously putting out good stuff that help guys like me become better people. Since I met you last November 2010, I have been trying to apply the things I learned from the Masterclass and the cocs. You changed my perspective in how to handle women and to not relate to them like I always did before. I still have a lot to learn but I think I have made some significant progress in my dating life so far.

Last january I met this girl in a social event and I was able to get her on a date after by doing the things from the COC Prospecting Pack which is absolute GOLD. When we’re on dates, I always seal the next date by using Advanced Foreshadowing from September. The girl is still in college and will graduate this year and I am working. We dont really have a lot in common so it was hard at first to get mutual agreement since we enjoy different stuff. But when I used a core value statement, she hooked in immediately. I cant believe how powerful your materials are. hahaha! Its feb now and again like you said in masterclass, its all about logistics. I wasn’t able to go all the way but I got a bj last night when she stopped by my room to watch dvds. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS EVER HAPPENED IN MY LIFE!!!

Before I used to go on long dates for months and didnt even get a kiss. I still know I have a long way to go on being a 247 Attractive Man but I am definitely seeing some results.

Now let me just share something that maybe my fellow 247 AM Practitioners can learn from that helped me a lot. What I do on a constant basis is I reflect on my interactions with people and I write down how I could have handled it better or how could I have conveyed the 5 attributes. Every event I’ve been to, every small interaction, I write down what happened and try to improve. Your COCs and posts have given me the checklist I need to work on those interactions and become better. I am looking forward to seeing you this saturday on the dating decoded seminar and your upcoming COC on core values. I think that is the most powerful tool to make people relate to you.

Thanks again!

C from Manila

This guy “Get’s it.”

Through a lot of follow up work, seeking clarity for himself, as well as putting into motion all that he’s learned from the monthly Champions of Choice Releases he got, his OVERALL GAME PLAN is much superior to I’d say, a PUA noob who’s lost in translation 99% of the time. Nothing fancy here at 247 AM, just results coming from no-nonsense material that’s just too powerful to ignore.

If you notice guys like him and past Alumnus who succeed easily with women (as in close deals not pick up numbers) are WAY AHEAD OF THE GAME just by the shift of mentality and attitude towards this. The less you become “pick up” oriented the more women you’ll have in your life.

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