The Champions of Choice Member Audio October Release is on Peak Interest

This Champions of Choice Podcast is RETIRED

Get it from November 28-30 on our Cyber Monday Sale

Here are some details on this retired COC Pack:

– The 247 AM “Interest Range”: I taught this on the recent Manila Weekend/Lifestyle Retreat/Couple of PI’s. It has helped the guys IMMENSELY on what topics they should concentrate on when it comes to women they want. You can avoid talking about awkward/boring/unexciting topics and hit all the right buttons in ANY conversation just by knowing this ONE principle.

– Mastering Emotions: Remember, interest is a COCKTAIL of emotions. Mastering those emotions and knowing how to project and bring it out of people will make you an expert charmer everywhere you go.

– The Excite/Relax Cycle: This is why my texting women is SICK and UNTOUCHABLE. I use this concept when texting women to get them continuously interested and always thinking about me.

– Using Negatives: I gave a preview of this almost 2 years ago in my uber-consistent technique “The Dumb American”and when used, well it got me and Jules a couple of 6-foot tall Models in Europe…. negative topics work, but you have to know the underlying basis of how it works and how to pull it off.

– 5 Lifestyle Commitments to Living an Interesting Lifestyle: For those guys looking for that Lifestyle blueprint, I will share some key things I personally do to keep an interesting, 24/7 on point lifestyle.

– The Tipping Point: I call this the WHEN of peaking interest. Most guys don’t know the BALANCE of talking about peak interest stuff and normal/serious talk. Here I’ll talk about this balance of knowing what she NEEDS and how you can avoid missing that window of interest.

…. and so much more.  I’ll also share some sick stories and lessons from the Lifestyle Retreat 2.0 as its ongoing now so make sure you listen in on that!

Guys, just like the past releases, this is a VERY IMPORTANT ONE. Don’t let this pass by if you know that you have difficulties in keeping women interested. I made this COC right in the middle of a VERY successful run of Private Instruction Camps and the Lifestyle Retreat with YOU in mind.

As always, this information, which is a TON load more in value, is all yours for being a member. All it takes is $29.95 to become one of us and take a step to becoming legitimately, 24/7 interesting and attractive. All our members are on COC, whether its the Vice President (Henry), Instructors (Shane Groove), or total newbies. Why? Because its the constant surge of 24/7 Knowledge that keeps them sharp!

Launch is tomorrow midnight! Click on the link below to find out more about Champions of Choice



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