The Champions of Choice August Gold Newsletter on the Girlfriend Season is OUT!

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I’ve gotten a ton of emails from members of my Champions of Choice club asking WHEN I would be releasing my August Gold Newsletter.

Yes, I’ve been holding off on this until the end of the month, primarily on the reason that I wanted to time this perfectly for my Champions of Choice members and you my readers. I’ve decided to release today my Gold Newsletter that have been in high demand since I started them 4 months ago. It’s the closest thing to an actual ebook of 247 AM so I do it.

This month’s Gold Newsletter will tackle one of my favorite times of the year, The Girlfriend Season.

Yes, there is such a thing. If you time your dates during this time of the year, your likelihood of success pretty much goes up TEN TIMES if you know what this season is about. More importantly, I wrote about WHAT to expect and HOW to get women during the girlfriend season. If you’ve been wanting to know about how we teach Core Values, a very powerful tool on connecting with women, you’ll get a piece of that on the Newsletter.

Not knowing this key info on female psychology that only we, the truth agents at 247 Attractive Man can show you, might result in you having a cold and dry winter alone.


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Enjoy, and to those raving fans of the newsletter, sorry for holding it off for so long. I had to time it.



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