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1 Week in, Got Success Using the Champions of Choice Audios!

Hey Troy! i’d like to say that the previous COCs i bought from you were awesome (Social Domination, Conversation Master & Dimensions from Year 1). It’s only slightly more than a week since i bought those COCs from you and listened to them, but man… it’s been nothing short of awesome. Personally, before i used […]

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247 Attractive Man Product Review: Champions of Choice Consistency Secrets Audio Pack

I hate to say it but Troy did it again this time with this Champions of Choice release this month with Consistency Secrets. In my opinion, it’s the best CoC to date as I’ve realized lately how important consistency is to how you feel about your life and relationships in general. You can have the […]

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247 Attractive Man Private Instruction Review: Saturday Night 5’11” Model Pull

Hey guys. I would like to share and immortalize my unforgettable 247 Attractive Man Private Instruction weekend with Troy. I can say first hand that I experienced “the magic.” I got laid 3 separate times during the camp, one for each day, and Troy did not disappoint.  My private instruction camp was one of the […]

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Troy Dizon Review: Walk with Troy and Experience the Magic Weekend

The 247 Attractive Man System – Troy’s concepts of 247 AM are literally instructions for life of a winner. And isn’t it funny how people say “I wish life had instructions”? If you understand it with the right mentality and practice what he preaches until it’s part of you, you can’t lose. I truly understand […]

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