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May Champions of Choice Release: Get Ready to Crush EVERY Social Situation with Social Domination 2.0

Yup, that’s right! If you were lucky enough to own the first one back in the day then you know this should excite you even more with the release coming in just TWO DAYS. Social Domination is BACK. NOTE: This is NOT a remake of the first Champions of Choice hit that got guys so […]

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The March COC: Consistency Secrets Will Release on the 21st!

247 AM is the EMBODIMENT of consistency. We’ve produced some of the most complete, attractive, and socially well-rounded men for the past decade. On this 45 minute members-only audio I’ll be talking about my personal consistency secrets that’s brought our system to a results-driving mecca of learning how to be naturally good with women. We’ll […]

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Champions of Choice Drills Pack 2: Conversational Leading and Dancefloor Drills now Available!

  On this YEAR ENDER PACK we have FOUR Drills on Conversational Leading and a DOUBLE FEATURE FOUR Videos on Dance Floor Drills. That’s right. I love throwing left field stuff out there for our loyal Champions of Choice Members. When I said we were going to end this COC Year with a bang, I […]

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7 Days Left! Watch the New Video Blog Now on Dates

The June Champions of Choice Attractive Charisma Pack is RETIRED Email us here for back order info The Champions of Choice Membership Program LEARN MORE About our Premium Member’s Program HERE Read the Free Supporting Articles Below: What is Charisma? How to Attract Women in Groups Neediness with Women Explained

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Neediness with Women Explained (plus Solutions!)

  Acting needy lately? Who remembers Mikey from Swingers? I cringe every time I watch this video! It’s crazy. More men are falling into the same mistakes time and time again. Once a guy gets somewhere positive with a girl the vicious cycle begins. I know because I’ve been there numerous times when I didn’t […]

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247 Attractive Man Review: Mentorship Client Tells the HUGE Difference Between us and the Others

All we do is win, win, win no matter what…. I met Ian after he had a long conversation with my long-time success stories Tuan and Henry over the phone while I was out teaching a Masterclass. He had been practicing Pick Up for 2 years with very little success and was shocked at how […]

New Gold Newsletter Releases on this Month’s Champions of Choice Pack!

Alright guys, its June six and its the start of another month of learning, application, and getting better as a 247 Attractive Man. Come June 17th, I’ll be releasing yet another Champions of Choice Gold Newsletter from our Premium Membership Series, leading up to the June 20th release of Developing Charisma for the 247 Attractive […]

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The COC Expressive Power Video Course is Available Now!

AVAILABLE ONLY FROM 05/20 to 06/15   – Get Over 45 Minutes of Personal Video Training on Expressiveness, Body Language, and Voice Projection for Charismatic Communication – Newbies: ABSOLUTELY CRUSH the Problem of being Expressionless with this Entire Course – Develop the Sexual Vibe and Body Language Tips that Support it – Learn Active Listening and […]

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Masterclass Review: Los Angeles Client’s Experience and Results 6 Months Later

It’s REVIEW/RESULTS TIME yet again… and out of my many backlogged reviews on hand I’d like to share this one in particular because I truly believe in HOLISTIC, LONG TERM GROWTH from our clients… not one hit wonders. This review (yet again) proves that… and more. I wrote this on our new About Us page […]

Dating Decoded is THIS WEEKEND! Learn the Fine Art of Date Conversion by Taking this Class

Date Conversion (Definition) Using a specific set of skills carefully used in conjunction with a 247 Attractive Man’s lifestyle to seamlessly, successfully and REPEATEDLY do the following: 1) Getting/Influencing women to go out with on dates, and 2) Getting a romantic and/or sexual outcome from these dates Important enough? At the end of the day, […]

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