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Be the Best at Communicating with Women through our Storytelling Teleseminar Nov 11! BOOK NOW!

This is short notice, and it doesn’t come very often, but I’ve decided to teach a small group of motivated, ready-to-go men on the fine art of storytelling. No, this isn’t the “grandma telling you fairy tales” type. This is the MOST IMPORTANT communication tool you can learn so you can EFFECTIVELY talk to women […]

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My Final Pre-Retro Seminar Blog on Being Championship Caliber

I can’t contain how excited I am for tomorrow’s Online Retro Seminar. I can’t. I love seeing that the bunch of guys that signed up was pretty mixed. We had some guys looking for a refresher, some looking for more golden nuggets and new ways of looking things, and we had some curious newbies looking […]

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The Release is ON for Midnight!


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Excerpts from Troy’s Fashion Book: Fashion, Credibility Dates, and Wilmer Valderrama

Being in more short term relationships and long enough long term relationships than you can count with your fingers ten times over, I can say that the reality is that looks DO matter. Do you know what it feels like showing off a hot girlfriend, or at least going out with an insanely hot friend? […]

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Random Pic from the Troy Dizon Body Symmetry Work Out Program

I just wanted to post this random camshot I used Photobooth for so y’all can see the effects of the Body Symmetry work out program that I developed MYSELF (not stole from whoever yahoo out there) for the past 5-6 years. As you can see I just had my middle of the night meal that […]

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The 247 Attractive Man Black Card Loyalty Program Details

There have been many questions and inquiries on the 247 Attractive Man Black Card Membership that haven’t been addressed till recently so today would be a great time to talk about it. The 247 Attractive Man Black Card Program is a very small inner circle that comprises of several members that have developed over the […]

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Jordan Son of Mars Black Varsity Red Matching T Shirt from RWU Clothing

Time to get your Son of Mars Black Red Matching T Shirt today! June 1 is the official release of the Nike Air Jordan SON OF MARS Black Varsity Red, or what most people would call it, the BRED. So in anticipation of this release, one of 247 AM’s co-brands, RWU Clothing, created a special […]

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3 Awesome Ways Troy Dizon Uses Facebook [Facebook Facelift Free Podcast]

I’m on a roll, and so today I made a FREE 8-Minute Podcast for you guys where I talk about the three MAIN ways I use Facebook. If you’re not a big fan of the new Facebook timeline or if you’re still a bit “old school”with how you handle your dating life, LISTEN BELOW and […]

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The What to Say Next Problem

The What to Say Next Problem is one of the biggest problems men have ever undertaken since the other problem called, “get a job and make money.” When you’re out on a date, or at the bar, or are just simply having a conversation with a woman, this problem is what prevents you from actually […]