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Attraction vs Attractiveness: The Difference

This’ll be pretty straightforward. I’m writing this blog because I want you guys to have a clear picture of what you are doing this for…. all the mind-set shaping, social skills sharpening, understanding how women are, and knowing the skills to succeed in meeting and attracting them… it boils down to two words: Attraction and […]

Start the Year off Right with the First Real Men Real Game Podcast of 2013!

We’re back! And its the start of yet another stellar year for 24/7 AM. So what better way to kick 2013 off by releasing our first Real Men Real Game podcast! The podcast is 100% free and is part of a long series of podcasts. On this podcast we’re having The Cool VP Henry as […]

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas for Men 2012

Halloween 2012 is coming near, and since being back I’d love to share some cool and creative costume ideas for all you men out there who are thinking of making it a special event for partying, socializing, and getting the girl. You can really make a strong statement with your Halloween costume that will make […]

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Excerpts from Troy’s Fashion Book: Fashion, Credibility Dates, and Wilmer Valderrama

Being in more short term relationships and long enough long term relationships than you can count with your fingers ten times over, I can say that the reality is that looks DO matter. Do you know what it feels like showing off a hot girlfriend, or at least going out with an insanely hot friend? […]

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New Video: How Men Shop Vs. How Troy Shops for Contraband

Hey everyone I just wanted to share this 6 minute video I made on How Men Shop versus How I personally shop. As you know I’m a big fashion ADDICT. I like nice stuff that go well with my image and over the years I have created a versatile closet that suits every purpose. Unfortunately […]

Join the Shop Contraband VIP List and Get a FREE Teleseminar Recording on Style and Fashion

Shop Contraband is 247 Attractive Man’s personalized shopping service for men. Over the years we have invested a lot of our time, money, and vision in becoming legitimate style wizards for men here at 247 AM. Launched back in February of this year, we have helped so many clients become more stylish, more fashion-forward, and […]

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Swagger Fashion Tips for Men: Ride Jeremy Lin’s Linsanity by Wearing his Jersey, T Shirts and Sneakers

When I got some new packages for Shop Contraband, I already knew I was to make this post about Jeremy Lin and his sports memorabilia like his Jersey, shirts, sneakers, and other pieces of clothing. Its hard to ignore but the fact of the matter is the Orange and Blue is finally back for the […]

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Shop Contraband: Experience Fashion for Men in Seoul

We’re currently at the Walk with Troy and Experience the Magic weekend here in beautiful Seoul Korea. Hopefully through these pictures you can get a feel for our amazing experience here and someday sign up when the opportunity to come back here opens again. Its so worth it, guys. One of my inspirations for going […]

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Swagger Fashion Tips for Men: The Lacoste New Spring/Summer Collection for Men Polo

We’re back with another Swagger Fashion Tips for men article and this is about a beloved part of our outfits: Polo Shirts. Every man has these in his closet whether you’re 24 or 42. On this article I want to drop some more additions to my expanding closet of archetypes. I picked up one of […]

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Fashion Tips for Indian Men: The Classy Indian Man

Who says Indian men can’t dress well? It is a known fact that a huge amount of Indian men all around the world dress pretty generic and lack style and fashion tips. Whether its a cultural thing or its a confidence thing or its a saving money thing, a lot of Indian men wear just […]

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