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A Step to Change Part 2: The Anatomy of Rejection

  Alright guys, we’re finally BACK on the main site (AKA the treasure trove) for another great article to celebrate Memorial Day. I want to thank all the servicemen and women who have served in the United States Military and are currently serving. I salute you all! You are all bad asses in my book. […]

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Find versus Found (Advanced Article)

Its a wonderful Sunday. I guess for many of you who get to chill and spend the day with family and friends, this is the time to relax and unwind. In my world, Sunday is probably the busiest day since I’m usually up all day and all night catering to my clients… who aren’t just […]

Welcome the Boeing Dreamliner 787

So, we’re heading to Tokyo… IN STYLE. Being with the Star Alliance gives us the chance to fly to Tokyo from LA using United’s Boeing Dreamliner 787. The latest jet from Boeing that is making all travelers like us act like 8-year olds that just got their new “big boy toys.” For some travel aficionados out there […]

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Our Evolution (Years 2007-2013)

So today I got up on a nice Sunday morning in LA because I wanted to share a core philosophy of mine that dates back to the early beginnings of 247 Attractive Man. I believe this is something you MUST READ from start to end because its important you understand what we’ve evolved to for […]

How to Set Up Better Dates

This article is on How you can set up better dates. Are you tired of gunning after every single phone number you get only to get rejected, flaked on, and friend-zoned? Well you need to listen up because on this article I’ll talk about the importance of a date for women, how they deal with […]

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Attraction vs Attractiveness: The Difference

This’ll be pretty straightforward. I’m writing this blog because I want you guys to have a clear picture of what you are doing this for…. all the mind-set shaping, social skills sharpening, understanding how women are, and knowing the skills to succeed in meeting and attracting them… it boils down to two words: Attraction and […]

Start the Year off Right with the First Real Men Real Game Podcast of 2013!

We’re back! And its the start of yet another stellar year for 24/7 AM. So what better way to kick 2013 off by releasing our first Real Men Real Game podcast! The podcast is 100% free and is part of a long series of podcasts. On this podcast we’re having The Cool VP Henry as […]

My Final Pre-Retro Seminar Blog on Being Championship Caliber

I can’t contain how excited I am for tomorrow’s Online Retro Seminar. I can’t. I love seeing that the bunch of guys that signed up was pretty mixed. We had some guys looking for a refresher, some looking for more golden nuggets and new ways of looking things, and we had some curious newbies looking […]

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July Real Men Real Game Podcast: Rejection, Failed Advances, Finding the One, and MORE!

PLAY/DOWNLOAD THIS HOUR-LONG FREE PODCAST NOW!!! CLICK HERE All these questions are 100% from you guys. I got a good number of questions even with the late notice and I have to say they have been LEGIT QUALITY QUESTIONS from our fans. This truly shows that our organization is training our guys right to see […]

The What to Say Next Problem

The What to Say Next Problem is one of the biggest problems men have ever undertaken since the other problem called, “get a job and make money.” When you’re out on a date, or at the bar, or are just simply having a conversation with a woman, this problem is what prevents you from actually […]