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A Step to Change Part 2: The Anatomy of Rejection

  Alright guys, we’re finally BACK on the main site (AKA the treasure trove) for another great article to celebrate Memorial Day. I want to thank all the servicemen and women who have served in the United States Military and are currently serving. I salute you all! You are all bad asses in my book. […]

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How to Avoid Conversational Blackouts

Running out of things to say in conversations? Please. Give some men more credit. Running out of things to say is for men who are desperate in throwing bit after bit of their tales to get the ever eluding “hook” from a woman. Understand that guys that run out of things to say HAVE MANY […]

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Dating Intelligent Women and Intellectual Conversations [New Mailbag Sessions Video]

This video is going to be about my personal experience and insights on dating intelligent women and my many, many insights on connecting with women on an intellectual level. This was a total trip down memory lane for me and I enjoyed answering this question thoroughly. Our mailbag operation was so successful. We had many […]

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Setting the Stage and Relating to Women in Conversations

I couldn’t resist but put another killer blog before the year ends. Sometimes I still can’t believe its already 2012 and people are still having this type of problem. On this quick blog lets talk about relating to women. I think every now and then I get asked about this by newbies who are new […]

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Instant Attraction

Instant Attraction is something that has hooked curious men in the dating community for years. Does it really happen? Should it be a goal to attain? Do I have to pick up women? What should I do when I get it? This article of mine sets the record straight on whether its a myth or […]

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The 247 AM Manila Weekend Kicked Ass! Plus Lessons

Expect some really good commentary and reviews from the guys who went. To all 14 of you who went (even the past clients who came to support us that night), I appreciate everything. I also want to thank our buddies from The Distillery Fort for having us teach at the venue that afternoon. That took […]

How to Deal with Flaking and Flakey Women

Today I’ll be talking about How to Deal with Flakey Women. Flaking is one of the most frustrating things to deal with as a single guy, and quite frankly, not many experts have a consistent answer to this random act that women do. As men, we are naturally inclined to (1) plan all our outings […]

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Field Report: The Lockdown Bachata Club Hook Up by Mr A4

  Hey guys its Mr A4 here, resident War Room Chief on our Champions of Choice forum, Lifestyle Retreat Alumni and assistant instructor to Troy for the Coaching Class Plus System. I know Troy’s put YEARS of infield experience to give you his golden stuff, and so I’m carrying that torch into my own infield experiences […]

Closing the Deal with Women

Some men can open, but many cannot close the deal with women. This is the reality of why most men in the western and eastern world don’t get laid as much as they’d want to in their entire lifetimes. On this article we’re going to talk about the realities of closing the deal, and simple […]

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7 Days Left! Watch the New Video Blog Now on Dates

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