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1 Week in, Got Success Using the Champions of Choice Audios!

Hey Troy! i’d like to say that the previous COCs i bought from you were awesome (Social Domination, Conversation Master & Dimensions from Year 1). It’s only slightly more than a week since i bought those COCs from you and listened to them, but man… it’s been nothing short of awesome. Personally, before i used […]

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Find versus Found (Advanced Article)

Its a wonderful Sunday. I guess for many of you who get to chill and spend the day with family and friends, this is the time to relax and unwind. In my world, Sunday is probably the busiest day since I’m usually up all day and all night catering to my clients… who aren’t just […]

Attraction vs Attractiveness: The Difference

This’ll be pretty straightforward. I’m writing this blog because I want you guys to have a clear picture of what you are doing this for…. all the mind-set shaping, social skills sharpening, understanding how women are, and knowing the skills to succeed in meeting and attracting them… it boils down to two words: Attraction and […]

May Champions of Choice Release: Get Ready to Crush EVERY Social Situation with Social Domination 2.0

Yup, that’s right! If you were lucky enough to own the first one back in the day then you know this should excite you even more with the release coming in just TWO DAYS. Social Domination is BACK. NOTE: This is NOT a remake of the first Champions of Choice hit that got guys so […]

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Could the Latest COC, Leadership in Motion be the BEST COC Release So Far?

The title speaks for itself and if you’re a 247 AM fan then this should send excitement triggers to your brain. This special April Champions of Choice Audio Pack will have both a beginner/foundations component which talks about the basics of leading in motion and how to make the action of leading into a habit. […]

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247 Attractive Man Product Review: Champions of Choice Consistency Secrets Audio Pack

I hate to say it but Troy did it again this time with this Champions of Choice release this month with Consistency Secrets. In my opinion, it’s the best CoC to date as I’ve realized lately how important consistency is to how you feel about your life and relationships in general. You can have the […]

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Watch the Latest Troy Dizon Interview in Portugal Now!

We made a very informative video in Portugal that went well over 15 minutes that’s why its in Vimeo. Here we get a good 19 minutes where you’ll get to hear about the following: 1) Insights into my story 2) My mindsets 3) What I think it takes to be successful with women 4) What […]

Champions of Choice Drills Pack 2: Conversational Leading and Dancefloor Drills now Available!

  On this YEAR ENDER PACK we have FOUR Drills on Conversational Leading and a DOUBLE FEATURE FOUR Videos on Dance Floor Drills. That’s right. I love throwing left field stuff out there for our loyal Champions of Choice Members. When I said we were going to end this COC Year with a bang, I […]

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November Champions of Choice Double-Feature: ARCHETYPES AND APPROACHING

“NOW is the BEST TIME to be a Premium Member of Champions of Choice…” – Chris, 22, Boston As I promised, the last 2 COC’s to end such an explosive year are going to be SO GOOD. On this month’s premium member audio, I’m going to delve into 247 AM’s unique brand of approaching women […]

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The Champions of Choice Member Audio October Release is on Peak Interest

“ This Champions of Choice Podcast is RETIRED Get it from November 28-30 on our Cyber Monday Sale Here are some details on this retired COC Pack:

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