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247 Attractive Man Instructor Spotlight: Carl Verneshot talks about Archetypes and Date Conversion

  Download this 30-Minute Podcast Immediately! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Or hit Right Click and Save As to Download As promised here’s the free podcast me and Carl Verneshot did last weekend. If you don’t know Carl is one of our instructors who has been working with me for 5 years now. Why is downloading this podcast super […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast 8 – Real Men Real Game with James

Since we’re on the Lifestyle Design aspect of the game, we’re going to give  you guys another interview podcast with a client of ours who literally changed his body (lost a lot of pounds), is living a fun and exciting life, AND is currently in a beautiful relationship. …..AND he didn’t begin the path that […]

Download the FREE Game Improvement Teleseminar Now

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES ARE DONE! YOU MAY NOW DOWNLOAD THE FULL 1:44:00 VERSION BELOW! (Thanks to Mike one of our listeners for pointing it out that only 18 minutes out of the 1:44 made it. Good looking out!) AS PROMISED from my last Mastermind Email. I had to delay my car maintenance because of all the […]

One of the Most Important 247 Attractive Man FREE Podcasts to Listen To

It’s official. For the Champions of Choice November Pack, which releases on the 16th of November, we will be focusing more on the Social Media aspect of meeting women. All members will be receiving the SMT (Social Media Tactics) Jump Start Video on their packs which will show you how simple it is to set […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast #4 – Masterclass Los Angeles Bootcamp Review and Results

A lot of the newer guys that bumped into this site have been wondering what really happens during our live camps. Maybe some of you have taken a handful of PUA boot camps or seminars and want to hear about the difference when you take a 24/7 Attractive Man Masterclass. Our Masterclass is a TOTAL […]

Download Our FREE 247 Attractive Man Teleseminar From Last Sunday Below!

Thanks to the guys who voted for this to happen AND the guys from the different time zones (US, UK, Australia, Asia and Middle East) who showed up, we got this teleseminar up and running. What makes this teleseminar different than anything we’ve done is that ITS PURELY Q&A, meaning for an hour and a […]

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Masterclass College Success Review! (The Podcast You Have to Listen To!)

PLAY THE PODCAST BELOW OR Download this episode (right click and save) I am more than ECSTATIC to share to you guys this success story, because this guys journey has been about adventures, misadventures, mis-fires, and a LOT of battling his own demons… and ultimately succeeding. He’s a good kid with a good heart, and […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast # 3 August 20, 2010 – Troy Interviews Shane Groove

“I’m a 5’4″ Asian… and I think guys around me who are much taller and good looking can get girls and I can’t because of that…” This was the first sentence Shane Groove told me during his Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program consultation call. It’s not uncommon for me to hear this from my clients, and […]

24/7 Attractive Man Review: Client in Los Angeles Reveals How His Life Literally “Changed Gears” (New Audio)

Listen to this Audio Interview I did with one of my Clients in Los Angeles who just finished Call #3 of the Customized, One-on-One Mentorship Program. From getting a full-on lifestyle that magnetizes people, to getting his dream job in Hollywood, and having a great relationship with his girlfriend, our buddy A reveals what’s been […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast #2 August 7, 2010 – Troy Interviews Europe Instructor Julian Falcon

Oh, How Far We’ve Come. You may be new to this website and this organization, but our “story” spans around 5-6 years. Collectively, the team you see right now have done around 300 boot camps, seminars, and even vacation-camps over that span of time. 24/7 AM is more than just a dating company. It started […]

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