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New Club Banger: Hit Boy Jay Z Interview Part 2 Video

I think overall I’ve been a fan of acclaimed rapper and producer Hit Boy. I mean he really has been pumping out a lot of hits we know about where we didn’t really know he did it (i.e. Beyonce’s song on Epic, Justin Bieber’s Right Here) AND as a rapper he does throw out a […]

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Start the Year off Right with the First Real Men Real Game Podcast of 2013!

We’re back! And its the start of yet another stellar year for 24/7 AM. So what better way to kick 2013 off by releasing our first Real Men Real Game podcast! The podcast is 100% free and is part of a long series of podcasts. On this podcast we’re having The Cool VP Henry as […]

On Self-Doubt, Dating Problems, and The Movie Hitch: Download the Oct Real Men Real Game Podcast Now!

CLICK HERE TO PLAY OR DOWNLOAD THE FREE PODCAST NOW! This is our welcome back podcast! It’s been awhile since we’ve updated the main site due to the month-long, sold out Live with Troy Experience as well as 4 Private Instruction camps last month that went simultaneous with the event. This podcast goes for around […]

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July Real Men Real Game Podcast: Rejection, Failed Advances, Finding the One, and MORE!

PLAY/DOWNLOAD THIS HOUR-LONG FREE PODCAST NOW!!! CLICK HERE All these questions are 100% from you guys. I got a good number of questions even with the late notice and I have to say they have been LEGIT QUALITY QUESTIONS from our fans. This truly shows that our organization is training our guys right to see […]

3 Awesome Ways Troy Dizon Uses Facebook [Facebook Facelift Free Podcast]

I’m on a roll, and so today I made a FREE 8-Minute Podcast for you guys where I talk about the three MAIN ways I use Facebook. If you’re not a big fan of the new Facebook timeline or if you’re still a bit “old school”with how you handle your dating life, LISTEN BELOW and […]

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Troy and Henry Show Episode 5: Snakes and Ladders

This show needs no introduction. If you read the news below then you know what’s going to be on the show. This is probably the most important T&H show you will ever listen to as a man because it will teach you about REAL LIFE LESSONS and the different realities and personalities that we face […]

Troy and Henry Show Ep 4 – Media Manipulation Tactics to Chumpify Men

I don’t care what anyone says is what’s important in dating and self development, but for me, AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING. It makes the blind see what’s ahead of them, and gives someone with vision even more potential for success… and we at 247 AM are here to make sure that you, our dear readers/listeners/clients know […]

Download: The Troy and Henry Show ( Episode 3!

Watch the Intro Video if you dare….LOL Click below to listen in on one of the most hilarious and genuinely awesome podcasts we’ve released so far at 247 Attractive Man. We guarantee you’ll be ROFL before this is all over. – Troy Click Here to Listen Now/Download    

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Are You Going Nowhere with Dating Women? [New Free Audio]

Whether you’re a total newbie, 4-6 months in, or have been doing this for years, this podcast is relevant if your action steps are taking you nowhere with women. How do you know if what you’re doing is productive? On this nugget LADEN WITH GOLDEN NUGGETS Myself, Henry, and Stone talk about #1: WHAT a […]

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247 Attractive Man Podcast: Real Men Real Game Podcast # 9 with Troy and Henry. Listen now for FREE

THE 05/19 PODCAST with 247 AM VP Henry Song For our Pre-Expressive Power launch hype, we’re launching another VALUE LADEN 40-minute “Real Men Real Game” podcast with Troy Dizon and Henry Song. Just like our previous podcasts that our clients freaking love, here’s a no-holds-barred, totally spontaneous and free flowing podcast where we talk about […]

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