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Valentines Day Advice: the Hero Complex, and Grand Gestures to Women

Valentines Day is coming and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to doing all those mushy stuff with my fiance like watching a movie, having a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant where we can both dress up nice, and well, a few surprises I’m not going to mention here. It’s great […]

Day Game is a Joke

Listen, if you’re still pressed on doing this day game creepy stuff, you might want to think about the fact that maybe you’re just doing this to fill in the holes that are missing in your life… i.e. that you don’t have a life. It’s sad because there’s a small group of future stalkers out […]

A Real PUA Experience Part 2,265

If you dedicate your life to fun stuff, you will get fun stuff, even on days you least expect it. Some late comers to the PUA show don’t know half of my story. They don’t know that I got a ton of experience results with women WAY BEFORE the book came out, then became one […]

Troy and Henry Show Episode 5: Snakes and Ladders

This show needs no introduction. If you read the news below then you know what’s going to be on the show. This is probably the most important T&H show you will ever listen to as a man because it will teach you about REAL LIFE LESSONS and the different realities and personalities that we face […]

Xavier Hide/See Released from 247 Attractive Man due to Conflict of Interest

I just want to make this official so there is no confusion. 247 Attractive Man is in no way affiliated with Xavier Hide, Alife2Love, Success Initiative, SG Crew, Maverick Man, or any permutation of his websites. This is caused by a serious breach in conflict of Interest and we cannot allow that. The same goes […]

Troy and Henry Show Ep 4 – Media Manipulation Tactics to Chumpify Men

I don’t care what anyone says is what’s important in dating and self development, but for me, AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING. It makes the blind see what’s ahead of them, and gives someone with vision even more potential for success… and we at 247 AM are here to make sure that you, our dear readers/listeners/clients know […]

Troy and Henry Ep 4 Preview: Transformers 3 was the Biggest Chumpifying Movie for 2011

Trust me, we WILL get to the bottom of this. Tonight we’ve got another recording session of the Troy and Henry Show (wahoooo!)… we’re starting to gain some ground here with a backlog of guests all lined up to be part of the fun. The big topic for tonight is MEDIA MANIPULATION. VERY FEW GUYS […]

The Norway Psycho Killer was Never Loved by the Ladies

The Norway Psycho Killer, Anders Behring Breivik, a seemingly intelligent, 6 foot tall blonde haired guy just killed 90 something innocent people last weekend… yes I know its kind of an off-topic thing to talk about in our highly encouraging and positive 247 AM world where its all fun and improvement, but just like most […]

The Investment Mindset

Look, lets just get the magic pill thing out of the way shall we? This is another golden post for everyone who gives a damn on how they want to become attractive the right way. But first, lets raise your awareness. TRUE FACT: The dating industry is probably 90% BEGINNER, i.e. tons of bad habits, […]

The Difference Between a 247 Attractive Man vs. a Pick Up Artist by Alex

Yes, that’s me in Hong Kong beside the famous Bruce Lee Statue. I owned one of the first releases of the “Tao of Jeet Kune Do” and am a big proponent of taking what is useful and deleting what is useless. I gotta say, it feels pretty damn good to be here beside such an […]