The Best New Place to Meet Women is Social Media

It’s been tried and tested. Social Media the fourth dimension of meeting women  and is the best new place to keep meeting them. The gym, salsa class, acting class, wine tasting, or even local interest groups won’t compare in terms of reach, speed, and convenience. It beats the club by a mile in terms of choice, connections on interests, and again… convenience. If you’re not on any of the sites I’m going to talk about below then you are seriously hurting your chances for meeting women. Matter of fact, you’re hurting your chances for meeting women YOU WANT.

Why is social media the best new place to meet women? let’s look at history real quick and I’ll give you some killer tips to take advantage of it.

I’m turning 29 years old this November 10, and I’ve been through literally the most important phases of the internet, from when MIRC and ICQ started, to getting a Friendster account and Multiply, to Myspace, and now there’s Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and all this good stuff nowadays online. In the beginning, the internet ‘friends connection’ thing relied mainly on chat to make things happen. Nowadays you’ve got photos, video, and status updates to back you up completely.

I highly believe that nowadays is the best time to truly get a life (seriously). I’m not going to go into how many MILLIONS and MILLIONS of women (LOCALLY – as in who live NEAR YOU) have a laptop, a mobile device like a smart phone, or a desktop computer, are on this shit. I think that’s self explanatory and if you’re a member of Facebook or saw the movie “The Social Network” you already know that.

A few clicks here, add friend there, PM (private message) here, and boom you’ve got five to ten new chicks to talk to. Sure beats walking around doing day game in terms of convenience right? Nobody’s in a hurry and you can answer whenever you want.

So how do you get things started or pump a ton of horsepower in your existing social media profile to get women? Keep reading….

When I look back at what separated the cool guys from the not-so-cool guys, it was really the lack of ‘cool’ information and the amount of ‘connections’ one had.

Whoever knew more cool stuff won the race. They’d know any awesome event coming up like concerts, parties, shindigs. They spread this info to girls they knew, and instantly they were rock stars. Those who “didn’t get the notice” were mostly clueless to what most people were excited about.

Nowadays these invites conveniently come to my Facebook inbox in almost an hourly basis. Halloween is coming up, and I got invited to a 1,500 person sorority bash, with a guaranteed 4 chicks to 1 guy ratio. How’d I know? It was forced down my throat on Facebook, haha.

Social connections are also something that most not so cool guys in the past (like me, well WAY back in the past) never had. We always had a limited social circle, that was usually defined by interests or hobbies, or maybe we were just ‘different.’ Back in high school things like this is evident, then you reach College and you realize you’re not the only person into your hobby.

Most women will advertise their hobbies via their wall posts, profile info, or status messages, and that’s your FIRST STOP for finding commonalities. Even that little box on the left hand side will give away their core values. I mean how easy is that to find one and private message them something like, “I’m glad to know there’s someone in Boston who appreciates collecting shoes/good Italian food/Midnight snack runs (add smiley)” 9 times out of 10 if they’re into the same thing they’ll reply to your PM. EASY!

When on a rampage, I can do this all day and get 30, 40 new women that are interested in me and vice versa.

Too add to that, there are also enough fan pages and groups on Facebook where you can conveniently press ‘like’ and be part of a community that YOU WANT. Some have close to 9,000 something local and global members that are into stuff you’re into and can speak in a language that you speak. It can’t get better than that, guys.

I’ve met tons of women that I am still in contact with to this day simply because I tried out Shaun T’s Insanity Program, “liked” the fan page, submitted my fitness photos on the group, then added all the hot chicks. If you’re on the hunt, then find 7-10 fan pages or local groups that you can join and start interacting on their wall to start.

Alright, enough of Facebook, here are some other big sites where you can find your female niche.

You got, where you can be KING if you’re the type of guy who is a food or drinks connoisseur. It’s a site where you can post reviews of places you’ve eaten in the city. If you make a great personal profile and write enough reviews OR comment on reviews there, you can easily make that a point of conversation and connection that may end up at a lunch date rogue mission with a chick to review another spot! Sick!

And don’t even get me started on, where literally even the women are dying to get things started and meet people. In any city, there are hundreds of meet up groups with a higher ratio of women than a bar or a club, and they diligently set up meets with their members. I just love how there’s a meet up group for literally any interest a guy can have. If you’re not really into the club scene, I guarantee you this is where the hot, attractive non-club chicks go. It believe meet up is one of the best places to meet women and is STILL an untapped resource.

There are a ton of other sites and awesome tools like, and maybe I’ll discuss how to use those to meet women next time.

If you’d like a personal mentor to coach  you on creating the perfect Facebook Profile that attracts women instantly, I highly suggest taking the Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program.  Some of my students call it the “Identity Building School” and I totally agree.

It is completely online and I have plenty of guys who I have never met face-to-face succeed with women using my most guarded Social Media Secrets I’ve given them. Click on Some Reviews HERE and HERE.

With the amount of time I’ve spent tweaking my Social Media stuff I truly believe that no one has as much tools and strategies on it to successfully meet and date women as I do.

To apply for a Mentorship Program slot, simply email me at with the subject line “Mentorship Info” and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

If you’re wondering if these Social Media Secrets will be on the Asian Summit, my answer is HELL YES.


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5 Comments to “The Best New Place to Meet Women is Social Media”

  1. By Jay, October 20, 2010 @ 7:54 pm

    There is so much truth to this. Social media is the wave of the future, disparage and you will be left in the dirt.

  2. By badmash, October 23, 2010 @ 11:54 am

    I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

    • By admin, October 24, 2010 @ 2:47 am

      Definitely, and more tactics will be on the next Champions of Choice Monthly Releases.

  3. By Shane Groove, October 25, 2010 @ 4:21 am

    Just did my first trial run of the “4th dimension” of meeting new people in my life! It is too easy! 4 women in 15 minutes. Hahaha!!! Why didn’t i try this stuff sooner!!

    • By admin, October 26, 2010 @ 3:32 am

      What about the latest one…. “Date Booked. DONE. This is like cheating.” hahahahaha

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