Are You Going Nowhere with Dating Women? [New Free Audio]

Whether you’re a total newbie, 4-6 months in, or have been doing this for years, this podcast is relevant if your action steps are taking you nowhere with women.

How do you know if what you’re doing is productive? On this nugget LADEN WITH GOLDEN NUGGETS Myself, Henry, and Stone talk about

#1: WHAT a slow death is if you’re going nowhere with women

#2: HOW most guys are trapped in a “slow death” with women, and

#3: WHAT YOU CAN DO to turn things around if you are.

You may be working your ass off to get women now but if you want to track your progress and see if what you’re doing is TRULY working for you, then download this podcast below.

This also includes INSANE and LEGIT success reports from the only culture in the dating community who actually GET women with very very little effort.

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