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Who is Troy Dizon? 

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Meet the Super Cool, Super Awesome  247 Attractive Man Team

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Who is Troy Dizon?

The 24/7 Attractive Man system is the brainchild of now 9 year global dating coach and personal development expert Troy Dizon. He is widely recognized in many dating circles as one of the most legitimate and results-driven dating coaches in the world. Pound for pound no one can refute the quantity and more importantly the quality of results his Clients have in almost a decade of continuous active teaching.

He, and many of his 24/7 Attractive Man Coaches have collectively taught thousands of men the art of becoming naturally attractive AND be equipped with the right tools to be successful in any social situation regardless of what it may be.

The BIG DIFFERENCE with 24/7 AM is that Troy was never a student or client of the guy with the Hat and Magic Tricks.

Unlike many of the PUA schools whose experience lie in cold approaching and opening, as well as hanging around fellow PUA’s who don’t have any real experience with women, Troy started from the ground up and learned everything realistically and most effectively. His story is so unique that the experience build up is truly unmatched. He is a walking, talking Encyclopedia when it comes to success with women.

He did this through trial and error and calibrating through the successes he had, hanging around as many guys who actually got consistent with women, and more importantly gaining VAST EXPERIENCE in different scenarios with women, from open to close and beyond. The amount of scenarios he’s been with women is unprecedented, and cannot be attained by anyone who “grew up” as a pick up artist. As he always says, “You cannot rewrite history.”

At this point in time Troy’s experience is unparalleled. He has built for himself a very powerful circle of allies, role models, and associates that truly bring together the concepts he teaches into the organization now called 247 Attractive Man. The almost decade-long, non stop work and reaching out to others has led to one of the purest, most effective systems in the self-development scene. Today, 247 Attractive Man has branched out in the realm of fashion, self-development, and Smart Money.

Gone are the days of the pick up artist. When many, many men are getting burned by false hopes, ingenuine coaches and people in the dating scene who are just out to make money, Troy sticks to his hard core philosophy of 247 Attractive Man: to learn what it takes to be attractive, expose yourself to the right people, and with just a few fundamental things consistently attract them for the rest of your life. Fortunately for you, somehow you arrived here, and his dedication to helping men transform to their best selves will rub off on you when you talk to him, listen to our products, or take a live program!

Here’s what Troy’s FIRST students has to say about him:

When I first met Troy ( at the Starbucks of the local mall, of all spots), I didn’t know what to expect. I was still young in “the Game” and fresh from Dallas and a LTR. From the start, I could tell that Troy was one of the most affable, genuine people I had ever met (and a snappy dresser!).

I took part in his first official “Bootcamp” (MONKEY LOUNGE!) in SA back in ’04, and he put us through a real gauntlet: facing our fears (people are people), working on our body language, realizing our value as men and relying less on “canned” material and more on our own life experience to make women relate to us.

He taught us the importance of being “straight to the point” and unafraid of being sexual. I thought, WOW! So you mean I DON’T have to learn 15 magic tricks, take a hypnosis class, memorize scripts worth of fake stories, and wear a feather boa and a top hat to pull chicks?!?!

Through the years of my friendship with Troy I have personally seen him do things that are really mind-blowing (difficult to “impossible” approaches, makeouts, instant social hubs, dance game with super hot chicks, lays in Austin), and this was before he was recognized as a great Charisma coach and started putting together his own stuff.

From the start, Troy opened my eyes to the real dynamics between people and relationships. It was, is and has always been about MORE than just getting laid or “tricking” women with bs and routines, and that is why I respect Troy more than the clowns I’ve met in Dallas or some of the other questionable stuff I came across studying game. He stresses maintaining your value and worth and the power of a true brotherhood. Although I’m no longer single and looking, Troy has taught me principles that I continue to use and work on everyday to be a better GUY. Follow this man, he won’t lead you astray!


Ben (currently happily married)

Here’s what our client from Texas, Bao said about the sytem: (Bao is currently in a relationship)

“I think the most powerful aspect of the 247 AM System lies in its dependency on one’s faith in oneself. There are no lines, no structures to cower behind but very basic simple truths that seem easy, but require true confidence to execute. It is this mustering of confidence to execute these truths that truly have built within me a guideline towards living life more boldly and assertively.”

Read More Real Client Testimonials and Successes Here

Troy is an absolute master of mentoring, training, and has an immense experience and background with being successful with women. He truly understands what its like to be a beginner or someone who is lost, confused or is truly clueless with women and can give that person a strong backbone or foundation to start with.

He mentors close to forty people per month and knows learning curves like non other. Many of his programs are truly customized to the student, which propels his development faster than reading a book and compiling information from the internet. He is also known to be a big brother amongst students younger than him. He is 29 years old and has been teaching professionally non stop since he was 22.

His 24/7 Attractive Man Organization has offices in the US, Europe, South Africa, and all over Asia. More than that, it has been the launchpad of many friendships, relationships, and a strong community of personal development that improves not only one’s love life, but everything else.


What We Teach: 24/7 Attractive Lifestyle Coaching Programs

We have 4 MAJOR POINTS on why we and many of our clients consider 247 AM one of the best dating companies out there and the most reputable one to invest your trust (and your blood and guts) to. Many have tried copying this formula but will never do because of constant innovation and improvement. This has been a passion project since 2003 and its come to fruition years later.

#1: Our Coaching Approach is Unique

“You guys (at 247 AM) have this amazing thing that even right now, that i am on track and improving the way i want to, pinpoint the crucial things that i need… and give me insane awareness and focused action…”

– Che from Portugal

The UNIQUE, EFFECTIVE, and sometimes UNORTHODOX 24/7 AM Approach to development instantly puts a client on a forward-moving journey to design a lifestyle filled with women even if he’s never experienced female attraction before. We have trained everyone from newbies, consistent naturals, and even experts and they all say that our system has changed their lives and have made them excellent in all areas of life.

Instead of producing generalized ebooks and products that do not take into account our clients’ backgrounds, experience levels, and upbringing, we are focused on using all of those to identify strengths and weaknesses plus coach our clients one-on-one or in some cases in groups so that they can get the maximum results over time. Well, we quite enjoy the client-mentor relationship anyhow so that’s how we do it.

#2: Our Attention to Clients is Unmatched, and our Experience Level in Getting Women is Decade Long

We FIRMLY believe that our client successes happen because we develop and strengthen their “5  Attributes” PLUS increase the awareness to ACTUALLY MANIFEST RESULTS by training them in real-world social scenarios using both our live programs as well as our mentorship and online programs. Our almost decade-long experience level in the realm of meeting and getting women is unparalleled as we have been actively teaching since 2004 non stop.

#3: We are a Full Service Company for Men

Unlike one-dimensional “dating” or “pick up” schools, 247 AM is a FULL-SERVICE company. Our services range from our membership programs like Champions of Choice for newbies and continued learning, Online Mentoring via the Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program, Image (also known as Archetype) Consultations, and we are also the first to ever create and actual 2-week vacation program called the Lifestyle Retreat.

Our “Mantra” at 247 AM is based on “The Five Attributes”… (with a hidden sixth attribute). Consider this as our core and the source of all the success we’ve had with women. We have told multitudes of women about the attributes and they all agree that these qualities are EXACTLY what they’re looking for… not a host of pick up lines and a facade.

Here are the Attributes:

  1. Leadership
  2. Unshakeability
  3. Fun
  4. Being Comfortable Under Your Own Skin, and
  5. Consistency

To Learn about the Basics of the Five Attributes, Read up on Troy’s Feature Article on the Asian Journal CLICK HERE

Once strengthened and ingrained in our students, we complement that with easy to do and naturally effective Skillsets. We have a unique way of teaching our moves and techniques, and they are delivered through verbal, non verbal, and conveyance channels of communication.

#4: We Have and Can Change Your Life for the Better Holistically

The final (and most effective part) of 24/7 Attractive Man is that we teach our clients how to effectively create a LIFESTYLE filled with women that supports not only that aspect but personal growth and development. This is the part that most pick up artists cannot touch, because believe me its as natural and normal as being a guy who is interested in Mixed Martial Arts.  We go through a “blueprinting process” where we take our student’s identities, strengthen them, work on the weaknesses, and create a TON of personal magnetism reflected through their lifestyles.

ANYONE can be good at the 24/7 Attractive Man system, regardless of looks, wealth, or experience. With our highly experienced staff who have been teaching globally since 2005 and a system that spans several years, you can’t go wrong.

If you’d like to read what our Clients have to say about us post-program, Read our Testimonials HERE


Meet the Rest of the Team

Each member of our coaching staff have all been students of Troy and have been trained for at least 2 years consistently. Their experience level with women is invaluable, but the interesting part is that each coach has unique personality traits and backgrounds that many of our clients can relate to.

The Backbone of the Company

Meet Henry – VP of Client Relations

United States

Meet Shane Groove



Meet Julian


Henry Song

Vice President of Client Relations

Email Henry for a FREE Consultation: Henry@247attractiveman.com

Henry Song, 247 AM’s Vice President of Client Relations is solely dedicated to be the voice for the clients. He is our “grass roots” leader and is in charge of communicating with potential, current, and past clients and creating a sense of community within our HUGE 247 AM clientele list. After attending nearly every program available, topped off with the once in a lifetime “Roommate Experience with Troy Dizon,” Henry has a vast library of knowledge and experience that he uses to recommend which programs (or combinations of programs) would be a perfect fit for a client’s journey to succeed, as he once was a newbie many years ago.

Having wrestled against many of his own internal demons, he has an understanding and a dedication to help each 247AM student sharpen their skills and improve their lifestyle. The awareness and knowledge he developed over time working with the team made his dating life skyrocket, and his personal and social life prosper and grow. He is widely recognized as a friendly and charismatic person everyone can identify with.

During his free time, he loves working out, listening to music, captivating audiences with his own musical talents on the keyboard, and hanging out with good friends. Approach with caution when feasting on Korean BBQ.

Watch Henry’s Introduction Video on Life Choices, “5 Mins with the VP”Click Here

Listen to Henry’s Podcast back in 2010 on “Real Men Real Game” Click Here


Shane Groove

United States Instructor

Email Shane: Shane@247attractiveman.com

Being the main man entrusted with the whole US operation says a lot if you’re under Troy Dizon’s top guys, and Shane is exactly that and more. By day he works hard as an accomplished Military officer in charge of protecting freedom, but whether he’s in uniform or not, Shane is one of the truest definitions of a charismatic.

Armed with an altruistic, passionate soul, and absolute mastery of the 247 AM skills, Shane is best known for being the most well rounded person in the crew. He has a wide array of experiences from dominating cities and social circles, having super fast attraction skills, and of course that trademark 247 AM dance game. One of the more seasoned vets in the scene, Shane is also like a big brother to many of his clients, offering lifestyle advice that has taken this soulful warrior into all his amazing life adventures.

When he’s not spending his time saving the world (and saving hot women), he spices up his life with an array of activities that only a travelling Renaissance man would love. Whether it is dancing at a Salsa club in Texas, Teaching English to Lahu hill tribe villagers in Thailand, or singing in the shower of his sky rise apartment in Korea, Shane lives his life as if it were his last and lets those around him enjoy the ride with him.

Listen to Shane’s old podcast with Troy on Real Men Real Game Click Here

Watch Shane’s Video on Defeating Limiting BeliefsClick Here

Read up on Shane’s personal blog, The Groove LifeClick Here

Follow Shane on his Twitter Account Click Here


Julian Falcon

Europe Instructor

Julian Falcon is our Secret weapon. Since he entered the industry he travelled around the world and has been instructing in the States, Asia and Europe. He has three years of experience under his belt and pulled results everywhere. This is why we also call him the King of Pulls.

He believes that everybody can achieve their goals as long as they really want them and are willing to put in effort over and over again. “Be willing to make mistakes and make every possible mistake exactly one time and learn from it”, this is his special mantra.

Out outdoor crack who loves climbing, surfing, work out, marathon running and salsa dancing inspires people with his energy, endurance and his adventure spirit. He will make sure that you realize that there are no limits. In the long term you become the winner of your life. Are you ready for it.

His specialties:

– Coming across charming but being deadly sexual at the same time

– Dance floor game, especially for tall guys

– LIGHTNING FAST Sexcalation

– Handling major changes and ensuring the long term success

If Julian is not teaching a Masterclass in your area, email us and we’ll set something up for you!

Listen to Julian’s “Real Men Real Game” Podcast with Troy Click Here

Follow Julian on Twitter Click Here


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