247 Attractive Man Review: Right After Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program Call 1

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Here’s yet another 247 Attractive Man slash Troy Dizon Review from our huge vault of reviews and results. I’d like you to read it because this guy was a dedicated student with the right mindsets – so with the right mindset and approach to training you too can get awesome results like him:

Troy! I want to update you on what’s been going on so far.

I remember you told me how much shifting to a new paradigm will fuck you up. I can’t even begin to describe how much being in that whole OLD mindset really screws with you. There’s a huge tendency to be reactive, and because of that, it’s inevitable that you second guess yourself. And during interactions that old mindset/PUA BS/game moves towards a downward spiral.

So it’s been a difficult process to unlearn all old habits and “practiced” responses. I went into my interactions and social situations with less pressure on myself, and focused more on enjoying the moment and speaking from my mind, and from my gut.


Here’s a few situations I’ve been in the past week alone:

Girl 1

I tried it out with a girl I’ve been eyeing for awhile to just test the waters. The situation with her was sort of a neutral flirting, I had told her that I wanted to date her, but it really wasn’t going anywhere. Normally, I would try to impress her with interesting stories and “run game on here”. Instead, when I’m with her, I just talk about stuff that just came up, and sometimes just don’t talk at all and just chilled. I think I also showed some “sureness in myself” in that when times came up that I was extremely busy, and she asked if we could hang or if I could pick her up, I calmly said that I couldn’t. I was legitimately busy and even if she was “nagtatampo” and such I explained that I was extremely busy. That whole week she kept badgering me to meet up with her and when the time came that I had some free time — she DROPPED HER WORK AND FRIENDS, took a cab ride to go see me JUST FOR 5 MINUTES. I told her that I appreciated it (I legitimately did and didn’t want to play any “strategies” or “games” or “tactics”). After the quick chat I had to get back to other matters, but she kept texting me about what time I’ll be free. Later that day, I decide to drop by her office — because I wanted to see her. Long story short, she drags me to some corner in her workplace and we make out for the first time. It’s such a simple story (compared to your typical analyzed field report) but It made me understand what having a powerful personality really is.

Night out and Girl 2

I wanted to show my brother around town so a lot of nights last week we went out together and hit different spots. This is where I really felt the game fucked me up, because I compared myself to my brother (who’s had no exposure at all to the community). We go to a club in the earlier hours – around 11, when it was still quieter and more chill. I immediately saw a girl (Let’s call her Girl 2) hanging around looking bored so my brother and I sit beside her at the bar and I just said “Hi!”. We introduce ourselves and I proceed to just tell her about the fun time me and my brother was having. I tell my brother as well to just talk about whatever, and just continue talking not caring about what you say. He picked it up almost immediately and Girl2 was eating it up. As this was going on, I also remembered some tips you gave about building allies and proceeded to do just that. Anyone who came near my area who looked like “fun and okay people” I offered a toast and proceeded to ask them about how their night was going. And I just basically repeated the same shit about how my day went with my brother. It really amazed me how good this could be because a group of girls took the one seat right beside me. 4 girls and they wanted to cram into this one available seat near me. Of course I introduce myself and I don’t even remember what the hell I was talking about but they enjoyed every minute of it (at least they preferred it to the 10 or so guys trying to chat them up). I could still feel myself trying to do information transfer at times, so when that happened I just tried to shake myself out of it and get into this new habit. So I find out that by just BASICALLY BEING MYSELF and not “trying to calculate how to interact” (that sounds so bad but that’s really how we used to do things, that’s a really big part I had to force myself out of). You find that people react to you instead of your reacting to them. These girls kept asking me if I was having a fun night, why I wasn’t dancing (I was legitimately tired and wanted to sit down), and asking me to please come dance with them. This went on so well that guys were introducing themselves to me asking for my number.YES, GUYS. I found that funny, and crazy at the same time. It was overwhelming how much everything was sort of gravitating towards me. I was in a state of flow and could chat up anyone at that moment and it didn’t matter to me how they reacted — I would have fun.

What really solidified it for me was watching my brother do the same shit (I talked to him about speaking from his gut and not caring about what he said, but rather on the speed of it). He owned the other side of the club and had groups of girls pulling him. I’m not going to lie he was doing better than I was. And this is because he didn’t come from the same habits as I did. He was also genuinely having a lot fun. He now has dates from a couple of girls he met the night. I realize that he is a natural and it all makes sense how his girlfriend doesn’t get jealous when he’s with other girls — and how his girlfriend buys him shit like an XBOX. My brother is effing pimp — and he does this just by being himself.

Girl 2 had so much fun with us that if she wasn’t with my brother, she would be sitting beside me and basically ignoring the tons of guys trying to talk with her. That’s another thing as I well, I didn’t care if these guys came trying to “steal my girl” because I was having too much fun with this huge group of women around me. And even if you took one or two girls away I would still be enjoying the night. It was funny getting the “information transfer” end from Girl 2 she kept asking me if I had a girlfriend, where I worked etc. I answered her questions but tried to shift and we just talked about the people at the club — “look at that crazy dude over there”. I knew it was on when her phone rings and her boyfriend starts calling her — which she basically ignores and drops the call right in front of me. She then asks what time we’ll go home and asks if she could leave the place with us (her place is on the way to our house). That was an insane moment. Me and my brother take her home and decide to go home as well (we were tired lol and my bro had an early trip tomorrow). She kept asking us to hang out with her soon. I knew something could’ve happened that night but I’m not going to regret anything and overanalyze because I still had enjoyed the moment, and she’s still talking with me anyway. But my point is, imagine trying to have that happen with doing what the old me did, never in all the years I have been doing this has that shit happened to me — a girl asking me to take her home, and IT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE.

Girl 3

This is a friend that I have who wanted someone to talk to about her problems. This naturally came about from the idea of me being the “good listener and guy you could talk to.” I came into my interaction with her not from a point of “I’m trying to help and I will make you feel better” but by really listening and really telling her what I thought of her problem. Even if it could be hard for her to hear and ruin our friendship. Normally when I talk about problems I tend to overanalyze, but now I just decided to really say what I wanted and emphasized that no matter what — I wasn’t going to judge her. At first she looked kind of pissed with everything that I told her but she came around and felt a bit better. She was so thankful that I was so open and honest with her. Now, she loves being around me and talking with me (she said this) and eventually SHE BOUGHT ME DINNER AND DRINKS last night. I have no interest in her at all, but I wanted to add example that was eye opening for me on how powerful this shit really is.

HA! This is kind of a long email now, originally I just wanted to sched the second call lol. But I want to lose my old habits first, and have more nights of “flowing” before I schedule the second call. Unless you think we should do a call already. I want to practice this more (with girls, friends, coworkers etc) and really have a new mindset coming into call 2.



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