247 Attractive Man Review: Busting Ghosts and Bad Lifestyles

Wondering about the one that got away? Are you learning this to just revenge it? Read this review it should enlighten you.

A few days ago, I took my first Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program call with Troy. It turned out to be one of the most insightful conversations that I have ever had. To most of the guys that are reading about this program and want to know more about it, here are the highlights from the first hour I had with him:

The first thing I have learned is about filters. Women have filters to determine which guys go to their prospect zone (one-night stand, boyfriend, or husband material) and those who don’t (generic guys or muffins). Here, archetypes play an important role in going through those filters. He gave me tips on what archetype to use, what to wear, how to accessorize. Best of all, it fit my personality, age, and current profession.

Next, he talked about starting fresh, about having a clean slate. He pointed out that people around us (friends, classmates, or relatives) are not always supportive when we try to improve ourselves. We also tend to slip back to our old habits when we are around them. Sometimes, they will even mess with you when you try to improve yourself.

I know this all too well. A few weeks ago, I showed up in this get-together with my college friends. I am trying to improve on my choice of clothes, so I decided to wear a new T-shirt and a new pair of denim pants. While we were taking turns taking pictures, someone asked me to hold a cigarette while I took a group picture. No big deal. Apparently, this person just doesn’t want to show up in Facebook holding a cigarette, fearing an argument with the spouse. Days later, I saw a picture in Facebook where I was holding a camera on one hand and a cigarette on the other. Apparently, it was taken without my knowledge. What’s worse, two of my so-called friends started messing with me, saying that I am now a grown-up because I am now smoking. So I reminded them that the cigarette was in my hand because someone merely asked me to hold it. But the messing continued, and they’re saying I should admit that I am now a smoker (The fact is my friends smoke, but I don’t.). So, I asked them, “Why I should admit something that is completely untrue?” Then, they stopped. After that, one of them said that my T-shirt made me look like a ladies’ man. In my mind, I was like,” What the f*ck was that about, anyway?”

I never told Troy about this story during the call. There was no need. He has seen it before and he is right: My so-called friends messed with me because I don’t fit their old image of me. It is better to limit my contact with old acquaintances, friends, people who knew the old me. Meet new people. Give myself a clean slate.

Getting good and overcoming your self-issues and bad habits is NOT EASY. Like Ghosts, imprints of the past bring you back... read this review for some pointers!

What really shook my core was the next lesson: Having a clean slate even applies to women I am either pursuing or pursued in the past. My story is probably the same as many guys out there: I have a female friend I have known for many years (almost 13 years now and counting). Recently, I decided she was the one I wanted. I tried to woo her, but no luck. Then she met this new guy and now they’re in a relationship. I decided to learn the 24/7 System to know what happened and see if I can salvage the situation. Troy’s answer: FORGET IT. Like my so-called friends, she still sees me as who I was, the generic guy I was back then. He gladly pointed out that she is a ghost from my past, and I cannot improve myself if I will continue to allow memories of her to haunt me. “Life is short, and no one is getting younger”, he added,” so why stay stuck with it?” Forget her, and forget getting my revenge.

I suggest taking the Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program for several reasons.

One, the sessions are customized to fit a person’s needs. The topics covered by each session will depend on the level a person is starting from and how one progresses with each session. For my first call, I needed help on my archetype and on having a social environment that will allow me to improve myself.

Two, the program is great for people who seek self-improvement but are on a tight budget.

Three, the time between each mentorship call is a good time to absorb everything discussed after each session. In my case, I have to absorb a lot. I may have only mentioned three lessons here, but those are just the ones that, I feel, apply to any guy starting out in the system.

I admit that I have lost the girl to some other guy, because back then, I did not know better. I know that I cannot get her back. But what I can do is to move forward, and make sure that whatever I have lost has not been in vain. I know that I still have a long way to go, and I choose to continue learning under Troy’s guidance.


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  1. By Tyrone, January 30, 2012 @ 1:58 pm

    Awesome article man full of GOLDEN NUGGETS! lots of learning and realizations almost had the same reason with this guy why i took the 24/7 program.

    I bet a lot of guys is going to get a hit on this one. after reading this my shits on the right perspective this time.

    Solid bro!

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