247 Attractive Man Review: No Miracle Pills, Thank You

Lay ANY GIRL I WANT, ANYTIME ANYWHERE?!?! This smells fishy, uhhh no thanks I Don't Want the Super PUA Serum

Last weekend was my first time to finally have an in-field experience with Troy and the rest of the crew (with a seminar the afternoon before and a debriefing the afternoon after). It was one of those eye-opener nights, full of “aha’s” and “oooh’s” of realization.

Let me talk frankly on my highlight of the night. We were at a cool bar that night, and we assessed (which is, as Troy says, a word different from analyzing) the situation: the upstairs was jam-packed and loud, perfect for dancing. Downstairs, there were basically three main tables/groups: a “Gerber baby” group which we befriended immediately, a table in the middle full of bored-looking girls and helpless fellas, and at the end, a mixed group where my target was (let’s call her Van).

Some of the crew and I first went and introduced ourselves and started talking. When I noticed that Van was rather unreceptive since it was pretty early in the night, I decided to leave (though do note that we also bantered with the friends ! Its very important not to isolate targets and look like a PUA lol).

Later when Troy arrived, he basically reminded me to stick to the game plan of dominating the floor by playing ambassador to one of the bored girls in the middle table I talked to, which was also thanks to Troy’s nudging (and apparently, his winging me moments earlier that set this up).

I honestly thought it was a suicide mission, but I did it anyway and went back to Van and asked if she knew Chrissie, saying that the whole place seemed like one big party. Unsurprisingly she didn’t, but to my amazement she opened up, and we started flirting real good. I felt that it was going real good that I was so sure I could do this, but Troy taught us to leave at the high point, and that I did.

Before continuing, a point Troy always makes is worth considering. I say to you guys, do grow some balls and just socialize with the crowd, for the dividends are incredible: I honestly did feel rather intimidated when I first talked to these groups because I felt so many eyes on me, but I realized, these are either really jealous or admiring eyes (or both !) since we were the only ones with the cojones to actually talk to different people.

To cut the story shorter, I basically went and did the same things all over again, leaving at high points to come back later to banter with her more, even leading and suggesting she try a new beer, until I finally led her to the upstairs to the dance area. By the way we danced, I was pretty sure it was game over from there because we were getting sexual.

High point, and we then later pulled them by suggesting that their group bounce with us to another location. But by some inexplicable reason, they suddenly became worried and frantic (basically their fun vibe evaporated), Troy told Sean my wing to stay totally unshakable and focused, because he said (over and over) that its in these moments that you have to be focused. Due to the (fast) successes that happened… I lost focus in the end. I wasn’t able to lead, and instead of taking charge she went home… (this was already outside of the bar and they had already agreed to our proposition). I know the mistakes I’ve made retrospectively. I didn’t get her number right away, I didn’t lead good enough in the end, etc… I guess that happens when you’ve got that “HOLY SH*** is this really about to go down????” thought in your head.

BUT the fact that I could have made out with her on the dance floor — on my VERY FIRST in-field with 247 — is results enough, progression-wise. If you ask me why I didn’t get her number, or make out with her, or just overall seal the deal, I guess it’s precisely, as Troy says, that “when things are going great, that’s when you need to focus and get your head into the game”, that’s the time you get greedy and screw up. I relaxed, lost discipline and control of the situation because I thought everything was already in the bag.

Did I regret the whole experience ? Absolutely not. I felt crushed, of course, that I didn’t “get” the girl in the end, but I think this raises the point: this is first-hand experience of what Troy meant that there is NO MAGIC PILL to development. Guys if you really want to get better, then you really have to commit to this and accept that there failures at the start, because results will not come overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day indeed. Sean himself told me that it was probably better to experience this at the start, because this will get me even more determined to get better. And, well, I am more determined.

Did I learn a lot ? Absolutely yes. I learned off the bat that I talked too much, and I didn’t focus too much on telling stories instead. I learned about how helpful/detrimental Line of Sight can be, depending on how you use it. I learned to be patient and understand that the bar is just an aquarium and there’s no point doing anything unnatural; the opportunities will reveal themselves.

The infield experience with Troy was awesome because I learned that some things just aren’t in the playbook; whether they were suddenly acting up because of a boyfriend/ex or whatever personal issue I know not and cannot find in any book or theory; I could care less about the reason, but the fact is that you have to always be on your toes for particular situations like these because it WILL test your leadership and unshakability.

I HIGHLY suggest taking 247 AM programs. I know I’ll continue doing so. The fact that we actually pulled the girls — again, the only ones that night to do so — attributed to us simply following the system. In that sense, I guess there were results after all.

In the end, this what I told Troy: “In fact i think i’ve made a decision that no matter how good i get (i do hope that happens !) i’ll still take your programs as much as my financial situation can offer, because i really wanna be consistent with results. i’d rather be assured that i can pull off a girl any night rather than relying on random drunk hook-ups, and i see that by sticking to your system, no matter how “improved” one becomes, is the way to go.”

Cheers Troy ! Am already anxiously waiting for the next program


247 AM Manila Weekend Client

PS: We are almost fully booked (Read the post here), and the last training opportunities for live camps are on November 4-6, December 9-11.

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