247 Attractive Man Review: A Champions of Choice Member Speaks!

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I’ve been with 247AM for a little while now, actually for years, but until recently I have to admit that I hadn’t been following what Troy was recommending that I do to the letter. I still had echoes from past systems that I tried to employ that was pretty much unsuccessful. Troy is right that there simply is no compromise. Troy teaches a certain way of communicating with women that is very simple and deadly effective, and there have been many accounts of clients that have been “liberated” from being so clueless to getting women to becoming 247 Attractive Men in a matter of weeks or months that I had to literally close the book on everyone else, adjust to the system and chug along no matter what.

When Troy talks about getting women from his videos and podcasts, at first it sounds like he makes it look so easy, and rightfully so, IF you do exactly what he tells you to do. The thing though is that there is a subtle trick to this whole thing, that if you don’t do this TO THE T, NOTHING Troy teaches will work properly. And that’s exactly the problem I had in the beginning. I still had that compromise to doing other things and mixing it with 247. Until very recently, I didn’t follow his recommendations on archetype, mostly because I was a little fuzzy on what that was for me exactly. Now I understand how big of a part it is on Troy’s Preconceived Seduction model of doing things.

The archetype problem became solved after I listened to archetype and approaching, which is Nov’s Champions of Choice. It made me better understand what archetype is for me, and how I could make it work. Since then Ive gotten the hang of it, and the difference is definitely there, as Troy described: people are instantly more friendly, more attentive when I talk, and the girls take notice of me a LOT quicker. Before, I wasn’t even on their radar. Now, they took notice, which Troy calls step 1. At this point I am juggling between two girls, and the cool part is the good feeling of “swagging” through campus and having all sorts of people give me good comments to start my day.

But that wasn’t my only problem.

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Another thing was in the way I talked with people, things were difficult sometimes, when I knew they shouldn’t be. Not everyone is born and raised the same way, and for some guys I at first found it hard to grasp how to speak to women effectively. I found out exactly what that was from a free video on the 247AM website, which talked about the most basic core part of conversations, which is interrupt, create, and flow. This one video, which Troy made available as a major one on the site, would change everything for me. To add to that, his December 2011 Drills pack even added more power to the punch by teaching Conversational Leading. When I found this video, I was thankful, but kinda kicking myself, since it was over a year old. Once I did this little adjustment, My expressiveness increased BIG TIME. I began speaking from the gut 1000x easier, and finally, expressing MY Core values were damn easy!

In the end, the biggest benefit to me from all this is that I was able to take control of my Identity and over all my life. Instead of being a helpless chap that wasn’t on women’s radars I could confidently say that through 247 AM I built the puzzle of who I am: An effective communicator type, with a sharp (and sometimes stinging) sense of humor. The girls I know say I’m really really friendly, mostly because I directly tell them I like them, and talk extremely openly. I now enjoy the power of choice, versus being the option (or non-option) for girls I don’t even like in the first place.

For someone like me, who is in the early intermediate level, expressiveness, core values, and archetype IS MY GAME. without those things I know for a fact I would be completely screwed. Now, I keep what Ive learned in mind, keep reviewing the COC’s, and of course applying them. I’m making friends, getting more and more interest from girls, and putting less effort, for bigger payoffs.

The difference is big, and its because of 247AM.


Toronto, Canada Champions of Choice Member

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