247 Attractive Man Review: Mentorship Client in Europe Tells Us How He Succeeded with Women

I started the mentorship with Troy Dizon at a low point in my life, I felt tired and at loss about girls and life in general. After exchanging a couple of e-mails with Troy,inquiring about the program, he just said “If you have no faith, nothing will happen. I don’t do the hard sell”.

And he was right. He didn’t need to hard sell this 24/7 Attractive Man stuff. I had been following Troy for years and have heard about his and his clients’ exploits in various forums and sites. The results were undeniable and its what I wanted. I didn’t want to become some pick up hobbyist. I wanted to take control of my lifestyle, get some good pointers on making it attractive, and of course, get the girls.

At the time I wasn’t very comfortable with my identity. Troy has known me before I took the program (as a COC member) that I had potential, but if I didn’t put it to use, I’d keep thinking I was some average joe and it would hurt my chances of getting good with women.

So i took a leap of faith and I didn’t regret it. Every call is building upon the last and you will be suprised how your mentality is evolving from call 1 to 4. Troy explains every aspect of the game VERY WELL and focuses a lot on attitude, general perspective and identity than on techniques and you’ll find [ I know I did, coming from a “gimme one more tip please! ” – mentality ] that you won’t need the techniques all that much since Champions of Choice more than delivers on that anyway. You’ll really see that Troy is exactly how he presents himself to be, and by call 4 you’ll know you gained a valuable friend.

I learned a lot about how to present myself, how to build around your life [ and also how to improve your life – work that skyscraper! ] and also very important to me how to move things forward and not “muffin'” about.

I’m a professional poker player, and when I didn’t man up to my identity a lot of women I met were giving me shit for not having a 9-5 job or anything “normal” by their standards. This threw me off for a bit until I met Troy, who himself is NOT your average 9-5 guy who has his lifestyle completely locked in. He taught me to change my paradigm and have that “rock star mentality” and after working on conveyance skills people started appreciating me for who I am.

Results? I’ve been with two awesome girls since then and I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t have happened without Troy’s help.

Matter of fact, just an update I’m seeing a NEW girl right now. We’ll see how it develops but let me just say she has good energy, and the sex is great.

It was funny how we were talking yesterday and she was telling me about some guy who’s into her that she’s not into (grenade) and she sent him a text and he wrote back something  along the lines of ” but I like you and i feel that while you say no, your heart says yes”

That’s what he says to her after they talked once at a party for like an hour 2 weeks ago! I mean, that’s all. one talk 2 weeks ago and now he’s all mushy and muffin-ish. So I had to explain to her why he’s doing a poor job and how it’s really bad the whole situation he is in. i took her from forshadowing to high points theory and tension and she was like.. “Yes, so fucking true.”

I was thinking “Oh my god, she’ll now see that i’ve used all this on her. but i swear i didn’t think i was!” It was like natural. we’ve talked she said something i said “oh, as we both are pretty bad at drinking we should totally drink some long island icea teas together. i’m gonna steal you one night ”

I sent her a text ” i might get drunk and hit on you, but just as i slim my tongue down your throut i’ll stop..cause i’m a gentleman 😀 … and  she replied ” i’m horny ”


EVEN AFTER I just explained to her exactly how I do it.

See, eventually you forget how you used to act and you do everything natural and the moment you catch yourself thinking “Wow, did I really do that? ” is really the sweetest part of learning the 24/7 Attractive Man stuff. I feel liberated to be at this point in my life right now evolving from learning some PUA stuff from years ago. I went from being the no-balls guy who kept relating to women to being the MAN women RELATED TO. All thanks to this unique system.

So if you want to live up to your potential and get past some sticking points but are not ready for a Masterclass or Private Instruction , i highly recommend the program. It’s also a great way of tapping into Troy’s brilliant mind and create a great mentor/student relationship with him because he was truly very helpful in my progress helping me out even when we weren’t on call. He truly goes above and beyond for his students.




Mentorship Calls are Ongoing!

End 2010 with a bang by getting Mentored directly by Troy with his unique distance training program that produces unparalleled long term results in terms of skills, mental attitude, awareness and lifestyle blueprinting.

All you need is a headset/mic, an internet connection, and a skype account to get things started. Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a customized questionnaire and I’ll contact you immediately.

This program is perfect if you want to get some one on one attention with specific sticking points, and is for guys who can’t afford a Masterclass yet.

The Mentorship Program Includes:

– A Customized Pre-Mentorship Consultation Call and Questionnaire to Identity Strengths, Weaknesses, Sticking Points, and Lifestyle Customizations.

– 4 One Hour, Spaced Out Calls with Troy

– Client gets to Keep All Recordings of the Calls

– Access to the 24/7 Attractive Man Private Community, The War Room

… and more!

Sign Up Now for Split Payments Here and take your game and lifestyle to the next level

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