247 Attractive Man Podcast 8 – Real Men Real Game with James

Since we’re on the Lifestyle Design aspect of the game, we’re going to give  you guys another interview podcast with a client of ours who literally changed his body (lost a lot of pounds), is living a fun and exciting life, AND is currently in a beautiful relationship.

…..AND he didn’t begin the path that way, AT ALL. He was nowhere near whatever  you guys are seeing on the pictures.

Today we’ll be chatting with James, who was our Singapore Masterclass Alumni back in 2009. He’s our guy that was featured on the Singapore Strait Times earlier this year. He’s a bit “old school” so if he keeps saying “TDD” he’s referring to the old name of our company. The podcast was recorded when we changed up our website to improve our client user experience. Lots to learn on this podcast so definitely listen to it or download it for later!

Here’s what’s on this podcast:

The traditional mental beliefs that happen when you reach a certain age of adulthood that don’t help you.

Can the average guy make a change and do a complete 180? James talks about his biggest sticking points when he just started and how we got through it.

James, who is currently a networking master, talks about his two favorite Champions of Choice Releases – #1 – Social Domination and #5 – Conversation Master, and shares bits and pieces of those legendary COC’s and how it changed his entire lifestyle in terms of building allies, connections and overall building a quality lifestyle. He talks about what to do and what not to do when moving up in the social world.

Check out our Champions of Choice Site Here to join in our membership club.

James talks about the value of research and sharing information to people as a way of giving value and shares some cool websites in Singapore that he uses to do that.

For the umpteenth time, James talks about being best friends with your gut and stopping yourself from being too cautious when socializing.

James shares some of his hobbies that you may want to incorporate if you’re empty-handed in terms of finding cool stuff to do with your day and night hours.

Do looks matter? James, who lost a ton of weight and worked on his image talks about the realities of using image and vibe on actually feeling more attractive and confident.

The value of conveyance, and how that plays a HUGE ROLE in terms of portraying your personality to lots of people. This stuff we’ve been tackling on our Social Media Tactics Pack last month so check out what happened to him when he put those things into motion.

…and as always we end the podcast with some more conversations about his appearance on the papers. :)


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