247 Attractive Man Pic of the Day: The Little Things that Speak Volumes



I won’t make any claims to success of this client’s success yet, however let me just say that I’d like to recognize him for his efforts in making these big changes for himself.  This client of ours literally came from a rough background and is still on that path but one thing is for sure is that the guy is WASTING ZERO TIME and is REALLY putting in the effort despite what his background or past might have been.

“Speaking of Swagger…..”

By the way, the Champions of Choice Brad E Dance Game Pack is now available on the Download Area till April. If you want to learn the sweet science of how we at 247 AM have been pulling  off that deadly dance game “flash bang” effect at the clubs for YEARS, then go to the Download Area NOW.

Brad E, who’s joining 247 Attractive Man as our official Swagger Coach and Dance Instructor (watch him soon on the team bio), has been doing this his entire life. How good is he of a teacher? His last student who had ZERO experience with dancing is currently on tour with the Black Eyed Peas and has appeared in numerous pop and rap music videos.
On the first video on Dance Game Philosophy, Attraction, and Fundamentals that Brad teaches a lot of the basic fundamentals of his style of dance game, then proceeds to teach his HSKT system on ANOTHER video which releases tomorrow.
Not only is this a favor that Brad made the videos for us, but this is the first time that his Dance Game philosophy and techniques that have demolished high end clubs for YEARS are being taught straight to you.
If I were to sell this as a separate course it would be EASILY valued at over $500.

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