247 Attractive Man Mega Meet and Greet Weekend (US, Europe, Asia)

Get some of my unique lessons totally free by showing up this weekend on your timezone!

This weekend we’ll be having not one, not two, but THREE SEPARATE FREE MEET AND GREETS based on your time zone. A lot of our readers and fans have told us that they wish they had the meet and greets more conveniently on their time zone so here it is!. If you’re an avid reader of our stuff or a client whether previous or current, I highly suggest showing up on these events this weekend. It’s only around 40 mins to an hour and will provide a TON of updated lessons from me on the 247 AM System.

Here’s another big reason to register:

You’ll also get a FREE GIFT from me just by registering on this weekend from my vault of goodies. As you know, we’ve made over a hundred quality products that are currently off the shelves for our premium members and for showing up you’ll get some goodies from me, guaranteed!

For the full details of how you can join this amazing weekend event, read on!

Here’s some UNIQUE MATERIAL you’ll be learning this weekend:

#1 How to be EXCEPTIONALLY COOL. I’ll go totally in-depth on this topic because I truly believe this route lifestyle-wise is what brings abundance in attractive, quality women as well as gaining great friends. I dedicated my entire life to this and its reaped so much dividends over the past 10 years. Stop swimming in pools of lameness and learn this incredibly rewarding lifestyle just by showing up!

#2 How being EXCEPTIONALLY COOL beats other styles in terms of attracting women. Trust me, I’ve been around every other “natural” out there. I’ll be going over blow-by-blow comparisons for you guys. If you have mostly theoretical experience this part will give you a fresh perspective on attracting women.

#3 SWAGGER FASHION Updates – I’ll talk about what trends, styles and brands I’m digging right now for all you guys following Shop Contraband.

#4 LESSONS FROM THE FIELD – I’ll be talking about some key lessons our live program clients experienced while they were on the “Walk with Troy” and Private Instruction weekends with me. I’ll talk about what I’ve seen and experienced in my past 4 months traveling to London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Portugal, Manila, Singapore, and Seoul.

All three Meet and Greets will be at least 40 minutes to an hour long and is absolutely free of charge. All of our clients at 247 know that the meet and greets offer a TON of value… and all you have to do is show up!

So Which Meets and Greet Should You Join?

The first one will be an ONLINE/SKYPE Meet and Greet for the rest of the world

Date: Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time: 4 PM, London Time/ 10 AM EST / 11 PM Manila and Singapore

Add me on Skype: Username is tdtroy10

*To get a FREE gift from me by registering: add me on skype and PM me that you’ll be attending.

The second one will be a CALL IN Meet and Greet for the United States ONLY

Date: Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time: 2000 EST

Call in Number: 218 339-4300. Code: 373597

*To get a FREE gift from me by registering: Email me at troy@247attractiveman.com and let me know you’re registering for the US MnG.

The third one will be a LIVE in-person Meet and Greet for Manila, Philippines

Date: Sunday, April 1 2012

Time: 2 PM

Where: Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

*To get a FREE gift from me by registering: Email me at troy@247attractiveman.com and let me know you’re registering for the Manila MnG.

This weekend will be EPIC. Its our way of giving back to all our fans, readers, and clients by giving the most up to date golden nuggets from the 247 Attractive Man world. I hope to see you there!



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