LAID! ONE DAY after the 247 Attractive Man Masterclass Summit Review

Yup, you heard it right. Another one bites the dust. I keep saying this over and over that IF you let go of the stupid mental parameters and roadblocks that Pick Up Artist stuff do to you, (like making approaching a BIG DEAL… eckkk), then you’ll get to this level quicker and more consistently with very little effort.

Over the next few days I’ll be releasing reviews of guys who have either detoxed or shut that world off, and you’ll see the difference when it comes to speed and consistency of the results. What some of our “cross over” clients have done in a couple months, they’ve done in 3 days. Seriously, its your choice if you want to keep going on and on with your pick up artist stuff, but I’m just saying you’re just prolonging the agony.

Kev was a student that had been reading our stuff for about 6 months to a year now, but for some reason due to logistics or finances kept missing out on the Masterclasses when we’d hold them in his city. Finally, after seeing too much results over time and reading the material, he had to see it for himself. I have to say that again, this guy DOES NOT LIVE UNDER PICK UP PARAMETERS…. so he didn’t come into the class expecting me to fix his “pick up problems” but make him good as a 247 Attractive Man.

No, we don’t talk about pick up manufactured problems like approach anxiety, appearing to increase your value, dressing up like a gay lumberjack to get a girls attention – these are all cheap thrills folks. They’re designed to give you some sort of random hit of fake confidence. No, we don’t deal with those things.

Well, it paid off big time for Kev not being tainted by all that cap. Shoot, we haven’t even talked about his class mate and fellow wrecking ball, “The Inspiration” who was so inspiring it got the other guys laid…. he’s gonna be on the next Real Men Real Game Podcast!

Anyhoo, here’s the review: Enjoy!

Hi guys, its Kev. I attended the Masterclass Summit with Troy Dizon and the crew last November, and I have to say after not only seeing it, but doing exactly what they were doing myself, that these guys are the real deal. Results? I got laid the next day of the Masterclass. But why go straight to the end of the story right?

The summit started of with Troy discussing thoroughly the 5 attributes of natural attraction. I didn’t expect this at all because normally you’d come in thinking “this guy has a bag of tricks” but no… the attributes was all that we needed and he dissected it down to the little things. Just that part was a MAJOR EYE OPENER for myself and just like the others, I had epiphanies left and right. He went over the mistakes that guys always make and it was just funny as hell seeing myself do all of them in the past!

More importantly, Troy sits down asks your individual issues and gives CUSTOMIZED advices on how to fix them… like what my MC classmate W said on his Masterclass review, “its so dead on you get embarrassed that you didn’t know it before.” I totally agree. The stuff is so obvious but the way Troy teaches it is different.

What makes Troy famous is that he is the type of coach that will not sugar coat his words just to make you feel better but not learn a thing, so it would hurt a bit when he would mention that you’re too thin or he thinks your hobbies suck LOL. He tells it to you RAW but remember he’s been around hundreds of men like us so its not just hearsay or whatever he’s seen what happened to those guys and I’m sure its not good. Doing the MC is not your usual instructional manual you download on the internet and read with a bag of chips and iced tea.

We broke off after the theory portion and got ready for THE CLUB. Troy warned us beforehand that this was not going to be a walk in the park, and that even guys he’s seen who “think” they’re decent fold in that environment. He told us that if we didn’t feel like we were up for the task, that we don’t really need to show up.

I took that as a challenge. I didn’t wait a year and save up to just sit at home and think about the 247 guys and my classmates being around hot women and taking them home, right? So, I suited up, and as nervous as I was, I headed out there.

Watching the crew operate in the field was INSANE. These guys were getting girls left and right and it was so amazing how they get them it looks like there not doing anything! Seeing pick up artists myself, its not like those guys who roam around doing openers and say funny lines. Troy’s crew made those guys look stupid and I said to myself, “wow these guys DO what they preach.”

….and if you think teaching stops at the seminar, absolutely not. When we got in Troy was still teaching us the do’s and dont’s in the club, while pulling, dominating groups and being the best wingman around.

I’m not a pick up artist. I’m a regular guy with common sense, and all the theories we learned were so common sense that you’d be crazy not to use them so I did. After seeing and feeling the crew vibe I decided to do my thing. Within the first 30 minutes of doing Troy’s initial drills, I ended up with a super cute chick who I danced with… her hands were all over me and the number popped out easy. Next, I ended up with a hot coug who was in our line of sight. I had my first make out with her and even till the end Troy was there to make sure it was solid, telling me what to do like walking her to her car and foreshadow specifics…. it was insane!

The next day of the summit while discussing logistics and game planning, she called ME UP. She dropped a text and everything too. It was nuts to see that unlike guys who have to follow up and do “text game”….. that if you just set it up right, they will come. Amazing.

The perfect timing here, was that Troy was discussing all the logistical stuff… stuff that he teaches on his $500  Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program that gets guys laid even though they’re skyping him from miles away. I have to say the guy is the best strategist I know of, and that’s why they call him the general. He went through everything, from high converting dates, to different nuances that might happen, to the bedroom and beyond.

All I had to do was to use that, and me and my girl got it on that same day.

Do I recommend it? YES.

Will it  be easy- NO

This isn’t a magic pill guys. If you guys are looking for the instant fix thing then 24/7 attractive man is not the good place to go to – its like oil and water. But if you believe in hard work and the “domino effect” that happens once you’ve put that work in, this is the place to be. At the end of the day everyone was happy because we got more than what we paid for. We learned that what Troy preaches here is definitely for real, its possible for us, and that we have a new group of bad-ass friends who support our growth as we go forward from here.


Masterclass Summit 2010 Client

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