247 Attractive Man Ideology Part 1: Taking the Bitter Pill

After almost 50 live programs completed and a record three Lifestyle Retreats in a year, I need a break. I have never been so appreciative of home since I’ve been out on the road for most of the year. I was in Asia half of the year, and the rest was in the United States teaching camps.  I also had some stints in Europe like London and Amsterdam.

It was a fruitful year and now that I’m back, I’ve decided to write. A LOT.

I am well-known in my circles as a hard-line mentor. I am not a baby sitter nor a teacher. It is because of this characteristic that I am sought by many men to basically strike the fear of God into them, kick their butt with truth bombs, and train them into the right ideologies and methods to create what I call an attractive lifestyle. We build character; we build personality; we adopt lifestyle changes. These things, in my opinion create a 247 Attractive Man.

It all starts though, with the first step, DISGUST. I took this straight from one of the people I modeled from, Jim Rohn. When he said you should get angry about your situation to actually get into changing, he was right. Putting a problem off and kicking the can down the beaten path could lead to further dire consequences.

It is the hardest, most bitter pill to swallow to know that you are wrong. That the ideologies that you were raised in by your parents, told to you by your superiors, and the stuff your friends represent were wrong; That the lifestyle you chose to live for the past 5-10 years, is wrong. Most men hardly embrace a change of habits, which is precisely why most men are sheep.

I have trained people of ALL cultures, and this is the similar thread. The generational gap between how our parents raised us (during the industrial age) is absolutely different from today (the information age).  Take Singapore, for example. Singapore to me has been one of the most conflicted societies I have ever encountered since I started teaching in 2007. Since letting go of the former Singapore contingent we had over there I was absolutely joyous because I could restart the right ideology and recreate what I had envisioned in the first place. Singapore is a country that has very strong Eastern roots, stemming from the conservative background of the 60’s. The incredible growth of the country to become a first world republic has been exponential, but the cultural adjustments do not easily catch up to economic ones.

Here you have men that are basically raised to be very eastern conservative, and a fast shaping westernized environment is around them, with various races settling in as the expat population grows. Its is not easy adjusting to this. When you have the same people you’ve known all your life plus the people who you surround yourself saying the same stuff, suddenly flipping that around is no easy task. It takes a lot of persistence, change work, and reinforcement.

The 90% unfortunately fail.  Most easily fail on the cardinal attribute which is Leadership.  Most easily fail on Unshakability. Many are so dedicated to making money that they lose the most important assets in life, Time and Human connection. Seeing this, I don’t see how anyone can be consistent.  Is it really their fault? I think its 50/50, which is why I keep trying to chip away every year I go there. It started with us spreading truth and making winners. Unfortunately, the group we formerly left has decided to sell out and teach a version of pick up for the sake of monetary gain and publicity to the poor clients.

In the end, the same guys over there will still be follower-types. They will still buy tons of drinks and get drunk at the club out of social and sexual frustration. Some will still beg to take women home, and some will just be shy and stand there on the sidelines. It’s a sad thought because they could be much better than that given their advancing economy and diversified society. It seems like a “comfortable” lifestyle, but I can guarantee you from first-hand experience that living comfortable like this eats you up inside because the frustrations of not getting it are just building up and compounding like a huge snowball.  Unfortunately, this is not Kyrgystan where shy, anti-social, friends-zone guys can just kidnap girls and make them their wives.

On the flip side, the most successful people I’ve ever trained have a great relationship with disgust. They use it as a tool to become great. They do not put off their problems and do not seek the illusion that is a comfortable lifestyle. They are always finding ways to become unsatisfied and angry about their situation that the powerful emotions propel them further and further upward closer to the goals they’ve always wanted to reach. The more pissed they are at their current situation, the more they find that energy to change and get out of it.

There are elements out there who don’t like me because what I say hurts their business. Some people don’t like what I say because it hurts their feelings. Some people even decide to pry into my personal life and hate on me, criticizing how I am and my choices. None of that stuff deters the system from flourishing. All it does is reinforce that these elements choose not to take the truth and instead choose to live in a deteriorating social path doing something else.

We are just truth agents. We have gone through all the successes and failures most of you guys have not yet experienced. Many of us live very fulfilled lives because of those sacrifices and speak only from experience. We are just relaying stuff that absolutely works. If it works for you, you’re on the right path. If not, you might want to think WHY other systems don’t succeed as much as we do and why we report success after success after success that we get. You also might want to ask why we seem normal and not eccentric.

When you are preaching a system that both quality men and women BOTH approve and agree on as the right way, you can never go wrong. So take the bitter pill and take it like a man. Immediately after you’ll see a clarity you’ve never had before. People keep talking about the red and blue pill. I say this is the green pill, the pre-requisite pill you SHOULD take.



3 Comments to “247 Attractive Man Ideology Part 1: Taking the Bitter Pill”

  1. By Alessandro Savage, December 21, 2011 @ 9:13 am

    Having just read this all I can say is it’s spot on. I am currently going through the disgust phase and feel that it really is an important tool when trying to get out of a comfort zone. Some people are just unable to stay in their comfort zone and I feel like I’m one of those people. I’d rather push myself all the time than be comfortable and just like everybody else as life passes them by.

    P.S. Kidnapping a wife is just crazy. Troy I think you should get some readership in Kyrgystan so that they don’t have to resort to those means. 😉

  2. By CarL, December 21, 2011 @ 9:26 am

    Like what Troy said on his first modules on TDD he is here to give us the essentials, not the fats. Its also true that if you are disgusted with your current situation, it will boost your drive for change. I learned a lot from this. Thanks Troy.

  3. By shane groove, December 21, 2011 @ 5:39 pm

    Couldn’t agree more Troy! Excellent article!

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