247 Attractive Man Essentials: Shane Groove


What’s in a man’s closet? Our latest website feature on 247 Attractive Man highlights some of our many success stories and role models our guys follow. Again, we are not pick up artists. We mentor and teach our clients on what it takes to become attractive all the time. The first stepping stone obviously is identity, and with that our top guys are full of. Hopefully, through the new “Essentials” articles you guys can put some depth into your identity and personality, and get some tips from us.

Our latest feature on the 247 Attractive Man website is on our Cross Fit powerhouse instructor Shane Groove. This weekend in Orange County we got to see Shane beat not one but TWO personal records, fulfilling what he promised himself exactly ONE YEAR AGO (see the video of his NYE resolution here). Shane is a real 247 Attractive Man. He’s solid, disciplined, social, and charismatic to the bone. The best way to bring a little bit of Shane to y’all is to make his stuff the first feature on our new segment, 247 Attractive Essentials. Here’s his top stuff and he also tells you why:

From Top Left to Right:

#1 Military Kevlar:  An essential item to my chosen profession.
#2 Vibram Five-finger shoes:  Minimalist shoes that allows me to run, lift, climb with ease.  Perfect for competing in Crossfit competitions.
#3 Olympic lifting shoes:  The right accessories can make all the difference.  This shoe allows me to perform deadlifts, snatches, squats and clean & jerks more effectively and efficiently.
#4 Dress boots:  Just because I can get down and dirty doesn’t mean that I stay that way.  Whether i’m going out to the clubs or running some daily errands I choose to look my best.

From Bottom Left to right:

#5 Workout Log:  In order to see gains you have to set goals and track every single performance.  Small gains over time is the name of the game, but you need a system to calibrate your success.
#6 A book that defines me:  You can’t read the sub header but it reads “The Renaissance Soul:  Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One”  I think this speaks for itself.
#7 Ukulele:  Favorite side hobby that turned me in to a performance act.
#8 IPOD:  No matter where I go and what I need to do, sometimes a few tunes can set the mood and get me in the right state.
#9 Sports Watch: Whether it be a long run or a quick metabolic condition workout with a barbell, you got measure yourself.  Putting that stop clock on is a good way to do so.
#10 Dress Watch:  When dressing up, the little things matter.  Good accessaries can make all the difference in your overall presentation of yourself.
#11 College Ring:  A constant reminder of where I came from, my dreams and the hard work that got me to where I am today.

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