247 Attractive Man Dating Decoded Client Review: RESULTS!

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I knew the Dating Decoded results were coming like I knew PUA shit was rubbish back in ’03.

So, as you guys know the recent seminar franchise under 247 Attractive Man, Dating Decoded finished a few weeks ago.

Now I’m not the type to just release ANY program out there if it isn’t RELEVANT. We’ve had a ton of franchise programs that sold out and kicked ass because of the PURPOSE of each one, from ICF (which teaches charismatic storytelling), Champions of Choice (specific material and follow-up learning), to our latest one, Dating Decoded which was SPECIFICALLY ON DATE CONVERSION.

It doesn’t matter how many dates you get (a very popular PUA “result”) if ya just can’t convert. I knew a PUA who went on 65 fucking coffee dates and couldn’t get anywhere with women. SIXTY FIVE GUYS. If I multiply that times ten bucks (two Caramel Frappucinos) then you’d have a grand total of $650 on useless dates. Add the clothes, the cologne, the possible dinner date and you probably would be spending more than that for a date to even convert. I don’t know if you guys have that much money to blow but it gets to the point where enough is enough.

In comes one of our Dating Decoded clients, who also signed up for the Masterclass this coming March (one year of reading our Mastermind Emails will make you do that). I have to say, he was the quietest out of the bunch during the seminar. I don’t know if he was in awe that I was right beside him, or that the material hit him like a brain freeze, or whatever. The funny thing was out of all the clients he was the first to report his first result using the Date Conversion material on Dating Decoded. Little did I know that this seemingly quiet guy was the first to utilize what he learned that day.

Alright bro take it from here :)

Hey Troy,

Dating decoded changed my reality. You’re like Morpheus giving me a red pill. The things you said that day have impacted me a lot and shattered my previous beliefs about dating that are ineffective! I really thank you for that. I have been a follower of your emails and posts for one year already and I can still remember the old site being called Troy Dizon dating back then.

Anyway, there’s this girl in the same course and year as I am. But because we’re on different sections and she’s a shiftee from another course i was only able to see her thrice. One was in our school’s general assembly through a friend and the second meeting is four days after the dating decoded seminar.

On those four days I have been posting a lot in my facebook profile and tweets plus I have been uploading photos from different events to slowly establish my identity as you mentioned on the seminar. She began liking my every post one day and we started chatting. She then asked if she can tag along with me and my friends since she knows them as well and I agreed.

On our group lunch we chatted about random stuff that we like and I eventually learned that we both play guitar and we both love reading novels so I had no problems making HER relate to me. We ended the day and agreed to meet up next week but this time it’s just the two of us. I loved the fact that you taught us NOT to go for the stupid “kino” or “kiss close” at the end of the date. had I done that I would’ve botched it for sure.

However, this is where my dilemma came. And this is where Troy helped me bigtime. On the day that we’re supposed to meet up she texts me that she’s bringing a guy friend with us! Okay great Unshakability test. Remembering the Dating Decoded seminar and the things that troy discussed I realized that if I pushed through with the meet up, I might end up sabotaging it because the meet up has nothing to do with my identity so I texted Troy to reaffirm the situation.

Me: uhmm Troy? What if me and a chick agreed to meet up but on the day of the meet she texts me that she’s bringing another guy with us?

Troy: What!! Haha then get even and bring another girl!

Me: Aryt thanks!;)

Troy: Otherwise don’t go just say you have something to do.

Being a newbie I thought the first was maybe instructor-level stuff, so I decided to use the second advice which Troy taught hardcore on the seminar (neutrality). I text her that I have something to do and she should just go hang out with her guy friend.

You may think this is a retarded move or that I didn’t escalate, but Troy’s lessons on Neutrality, Preconceived Seduction and allowing her to escalate on me freaking worked. Super Counter-intuitive but here’s what happened later.

The next thing i know she was standing in front of our college lobby waiting for me ALONE. IT WAS CRAZY! she came to ME without ever really doing anything to make her come.

I was like..

Me: what happened to the other guy?

Her: well he’s not texting..

Me: hahah really? =))

From there we just had our quick lunch break together and talked about our beliefs about relationships and about our favorite authors, spinning the Commitment Wheel even more and getting into Core Values. Before going back to class she asked me to go check out her “books” tomorrow at her place.;)

Again, thank you Troy! I’m SO looking forward to the Masterclass as well!


Dating Decoded Alumni/Masterclass Client

Here’s Some GREAT NEWS on Dating Decoded

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