A Step to Change Part 2: The Anatomy of Rejection


Alright guys, we’re finally BACK on the main site (AKA the treasure trove) for another great article to celebrate Memorial Day. I want to thank all the servicemen and women who have served in the United States Military and are currently serving. I salute you all! You are all bad asses in my book.

Now, in some very sad and depressing news, a young man named Elliot Rodger from California, a very lonely and rejected young man, shot up a sorority house in his college, killing seven. It’s been a hot topic of discussion in my circle nowadays because it shows how much harboring feelings of rejection, loneliness, and desperation for acceptance, can quickly turn into feelings of hate, revenge, and even murder.

girl rejecting

To this day, rejection is STILL the number one killer of one’s self-esteem. NO ONE, and I say no one, likes the feeling of being rejected, especially when the person rejecting you (or groups in Elliot’s example), is someone you WANT to be with. It usually happens in a split-second, and you’re left WONDERING WHAT THE HELL WENT WRONG all the time.

In this article, I’ll give you a simple breakdown of what rejection really is…. what it really means, and why to this day a lot of people have a hard time cracking it and are still feeling the pain caused by it.


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1 Week in, Got Success Using the Champions of Choice Audios!

Hey Troy!

COC November 2013

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i’d like to say that the previous COCs i bought from you were awesome (Social Domination, Conversation Master & Dimensions from Year 1).

It’s only slightly more than a week since i bought those COCs from you and listened to them, but man… it’s been nothing short of awesome.

Personally, before i used these 247am concepts, i was already pretty successful with women and able to get results quite consistently.  However, i felt that i didn’t have a model to follow, and many times, i didn’t really know what i was doing, and i was always chasing women and feeling exhausted many times.

After listening to your COCs and reading your 247am blog, i’ve learnt so many mistakes that i’ve been making, and in just 1 week, i have managed to start conversations seamlessly with almost any girl in my social circle…and i even managed to pull a girl home without doing anything at all. the power of conveyance, dimensions, and high points really work like a charm.

Before this, i used to work really hard and had to say a lot of things just to get her to come back with me.  Thank you for the awesomeness Troy.

Anyway, i spent the whole of yesterday looking through your 247am blog, and looking at your COCs from the past, and i’d like to learn so much more about this. It really is something so different!

I just back ordered a lot of the other ones from previous years and damn, i cant wait to tear up these COCs and really apply them into my life.  IWill also be “stalking” your site constantly and getting any new awesome COCs that your produce in the future 😉

Thank you, and have an awesome day!


(“the new 247AM fan”)

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Find versus Found (Advanced Article)

Before you Head out Here, Read this Advanced Article First!

Before you Head out Here, Read this Advanced Article First!

Its a wonderful Sunday. I guess for many of you who get to chill and spend the day with family and friends, this is the time to relax and unwind. In my world, Sunday is probably the busiest day since I’m usually up all day and all night catering to my clients… who aren’t just relaxing. Its also blog time, so I’m gonna share a big difference between how I set up the system for success versus what else is out there.

99% of dating strategy out there is based on the initial move of FINDING an attractive woman. Most of these systems tell the student to go out 6-7 times a week, search their respective “hunting grounds”: common bars, clubs, and some are so weird they would hit up a Whole Foods Supermarket, and once they find an attractive female, the game is supposed to be on.


How to Avoid Conversational Blackouts


Running out of things to say in conversations? Please. Give some men more credit. Running out of things to say is for men who are desperate in throwing bit after bit of their tales to get the ever eluding “hook” from a woman. Understand that guys that run out of things to say HAVE MANY THINGS TO SAY, its just that its mostly rubbish, mostly crap, and is delivered in such speedy fashion that its either they plow or get plowed. Its PUA-ish, its lame, its a problem we’re not tackling today.

Today, I want to talk about conversational black outs. Its not running out of things to say, but rather NOT HAVING ANY DECENT THINGS TO SAY. Anyone who’s ever consistently succeeded with women before (even without any picking up) knows that the less you say, the better. The less talkative you are, the more composed you look (body language wise), the sharper you look (because it looks like you intelligently choose the words you say), and more importantly, NOT DESPERATE to give too much info about yourself.

Now there is a balance to this, because the total polar opposite is being tongue tied or conversationally blacking out, so attempting to get good at conversations is part risk, part being careful.


New Club Banger: Hit Boy Jay Z Interview Part 2 Video


I think overall I’ve been a fan of acclaimed rapper and producer Hit Boy. I mean he really has been pumping out a lot of hits we know about where we didn’t really know he did it (i.e. Beyonce’s song on Epic, Justin Bieber’s Right Here) AND as a rapper he does throw out a combination of beats and lyrics that really get me going. Oh, and his fashion game is off the charts too. For one of the oldest go to guys for Jay Z in terms of producing, this dude is really solid.

Now this video, man… all I can say is that for 4 minutes or something, if you don’t respect what this guy brings to the table, either you’re ignorant or a hater LOL.

Why am I now blogging about this video to most of y’all who don’t even listen to this stuff (I hope not)?  Well, one thing most people don’t realize is that the hip hop culture is in some way about the hustle, hard times, winning times, and eventually domination. Most people that live in the stream of hip hop culture actually live OUT OF THE BOX. A lot of different hustle’s in the game defy pure logic (Kanye’s face appearing in 66 locations worldwide for New Slaves, Jay Z’s MagnaCarta Holy Grail selling $ 5 Million before it even gets launched, Kanye teaming up with Paris fashion house Louis Vuitton for his own shoe line), and at the end of the day, if you appreciate winning hard, then you’ll like hip hop. Its one of those cultures where so many people are flossing (and failing), that you wanna try your hand in succeeding so one day you get to enjoy the money, power, and respect. If you’ve never balled in your life understand so did most people in the Hip Hop industry when they started.

Anyways, the song is a total banger, but the VIDEO is just on point. The video shows Hit Boy in various concerts, events, parties at the Playboy suite at the Palms, rolling with his crew, wearing high end fashion like Just Don hats, Philip Lim and what not, having a banging girlfriend, hanging with the elite who’s who of hip hop, and most importantly, the GRAMMY.

If this doesn’t inspire you to go APE SHIT for what you want, then you’re crazy. Anyways, enjoy the video and respect the game.



Russell Brand Destroys MSNBC Hosts Mocking Him

comedian-russell-brand-humiliated-these-msnbc-anchors-on-live-tv-for-being-unprofessionalThis post is to pay homage to Russell Brand destroying MSNBC “Shaft Graspers” Brzezinski, Katty Kay and Brian Shactman. This video, if you haven’t seen it virally, is about Russell Brand being invited to the MSNBC show Talk Joe to talk about his new stand up comedy show the Messiah Complex Tour (I’m gonna watch it, and if it were LIVE I would see it just to pay my respects).

They mock and disrespect  him right from the get go with “I heard he’s a big deal” and obviously Russell doesn’t take it kindly and bites back and destroys them on live TV when the mocking and condescending keeps going. Watch the video below, it was an absolute takedown.

I normally would just put this post on the Media section of our forum but no, this deserves front page mention. See, things like this to me symbolize where they REAL MEN are at. Here you see Russell, who is not just your typical comedian, take to the masses. See this is the problem with taking it to the masses who don’t understand you or even your show. This is probably why 247, as successful as it is, is completely on the down low because commoners like the show hosts will never really understand and go into “mock mode” like these ignorant hosts did.

Lesson #1: People judge what they don’t understand. I’m pretty sure these hosts were once either the popular kids in high school, or were made fun of then and now they have the position to make fun of others through their show. Either way, why deal with them? There will always be a group of people that will understand what you do, and guess what, they won’t mock you but rather appreciate you.

Lesson #2: When Mocked, FIGHT BACK. Most nice guys are not very good at conflict resolution, and I bet would just nervously laugh and agree if this was them. Not this guy! Russell realizes that they are not respecting him enough and starts throwing verbal jabs back. Who cares if its national TV this is integrity we’re talking about here…. and of course we all love him for that once we see the video.

Lesson #3: TAKE OVER. At around the 5:30 mark of the show, Russell has had enough and starts OWNING THEM. I mean REALLY OWNING THEM. The gloves are off and here we go. I know that 90% of nice guys out there will never experience this, that is why most women KNOW that they cannot defend them (not even verbally) and that is why they are put on the friend zone. Instead of just speaking up, Russell understands that it isn’t over until the final nail is on the coffin and goes all out. NEVER EVER mess with a comedian/explosive personality on air. You will be DESTROYED.

He even told the female host to take off her wedding ring and be a shaft grasper. WIN x 1,000,000,000. Cheers to you, Russell. I’m watching your show.



Welcome the Boeing Dreamliner 787

Behind The Scenes Boeing 787 Dreamliner

So, we’re heading to Tokyo… IN STYLE. Being with the Star Alliance gives us the chance to fly to Tokyo from LA using United’s Boeing Dreamliner 787. The latest jet from Boeing that is making all travelers like us act like 8-year olds that just got their new “big boy toys.”

For some travel aficionados out there I’m sure you can appreciate the process of traveling. As many say, It’s not about the journey, its the process. For many of us who often live “up in the air” the entire process from booking the flights to the boarding process, lounging around, and getting to our destination, is just as big.

Luckily this job as its perks, and with that we are embracing with outstretched arms this new innovation to the Airline industry.

Basic Things to Know About the Dreamliner 787:

Enter the Boeing Dreamliner 787. This plane seats up to 300 people, and is distinguished by a huge body, composite materials and a lot of noise-reduction. To travelers, that’s HUGE. Its like replacing your Hummer H2 with that Lexus LS suspension. I personally am looking forward to this part. It also saves up to 20% fuel versus Aluminum planes.

261908-boeing-787-dreamliner-aircraft-inside-photos (1)

A Traveler’s Delight

Now I’m not gonna go into the technical details… but for the traveler who’s looking for something fresh, you got AUTO-SHADE Windows (Yes!), custom lighting colors, and the air inside isn’t as thin as other rides. For the actual seating all seats will have 110 electrical charging ports, an insane AV system, and I believe Internet service for the long haul flights. As for the food, I’ll update you guys with what they’ll be serving us via my Instagram Account.

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 3.43.33 PM


For our US Clients who will head with us to Tokyo for the Tokyo Weekend, or for those looking forward to doing this trip with us, stay tuned for new City Camp Weekends as we announce them for 2014.

Watch the video for more:


Walk with Troy Blog #1: Father’s Day and The Power of Choice

Its been awhile since I wrote a blog, primarily because I’ve been busy (the reasons are stated below), but since it is Father’s Day I’m going to write a few pointers on what I’ve been doing and catch everyone up.


#1…. Life is GREAT here in Los Angeles. I never thought I’d live here, but I’ve always considered myself a citizen/local of this city. There is so much culture here and life is so fast that some people can’t catch up…. well I don’t intend to just catch up, I intend to SET THE PACE! I’ve always lived in Texas all my life but I knew that one day running the 247 show would prepare me for this and here I am, everything about me amplified 100 times because of this amazing environment.  One day you’re attending day club parties and the dude beside you is Kanye Wests creative director and the next you’re training with BJ Penn at the UFC Fan Expo. This spot is perfect and that’s why we have the LA Weekend. Oh and I’m not even gonna start with the weird Korea town clubs here LOL

When you see an LA Weekend come up, GRAB IT. You’ll see a side of life that only few can really see and enjoy….

Speaking of events….


#2 …The Tokyo and Singapore City Camps are both SOLD OUT. I try to make events very specialized nowadays. Honestly, the entry-level skills are just passe’ and boring at this point that in my opinion if you REALLY wanna win big, you should put yourself in some of the best training and events for your skills to be put to the test and shine. I am digging Tokyo as it will be body-language/vibe/swagger intensive for us, and Singapore as always for that man-vibe/5 attributes/quit the bitch-ass-ness/get the fancy-schmancy women “James Bond” training.

Did you miss out? Next time don’t wait. The moment a city camp comes out, email me asap!

#3 …. I TRY to discipline myself not to go on a complete bull rush on using this social media app, but I LOVE VINE. Whenever I think about it or browse through their videos either made by my friends or people I follow I get excited. Expect a 247 AM Vine very soon where we document our swashbuckling travels and adventures on the daily. People always say we should have a documentary but who can really act natural when the cameras are on, right?

With that, expect a 247 AM Vine Account very, very soon. And yes, it will be hilarious and educational. For now, enjoy our Facebook account. 


#4 …. my clients are HUNGRY… hungrier than EVER. I think that because we’ve separated ourselves from the pack in terms of giving more advanced stuff to absorb, every revelation and every call/bootcamp turns into a huge result that clients never thought they’d see.  Back in the day I met my client wearing a ridiculous gold vest thingie in cold-ass Toronto and he just wanted to learn to “talk to girls” and now he’s dating an amazing girl that’s done a few commercials and modelled in Asia, kicking ass in med school, and is usually invited fashion-events in his city. That’s a HUGE JUMP homies! You can’t ever get that huge jump unless you’re with 247.

I think what I’m really happy about is that none of them are quitters, and they don’t quit upon the first result. Most people who kind of just read our stuff and call every so often don’t want absolute change… they just look for a band-aid… and when they get it they’re off… well guess what guys, band-aids peel off! I’ve seen guys that got the girl just to inflate their ego’s then suddenly SUCK afterwards and lose her just as fast! It NEVER ends with getting the girl!

and the biggest one ever…

#5… IM A DAD. Yes I am now a dad for those who I haven’t gone in touch with for the past several months. I have never been so thankful that everything I teach to you guys has helped me be the man at this point that I need to be. Through the 247 System I have faced my biggest fears and challenges and overcome them. I trained myself to be solid, believable, credible, and disciplined. I gave myself the power to choose, and despite all the storms life gave me, I ended up with the love of my life and we created our bundle of joy… my first child.

And speaking of training to get to this point… let me introduce to you the GEL that connects everything together.. the biggest WHY that makes our clients do this!

Most people don’t know until its too late that all this training, is to give you the POWER OF CHOICE. Most people don’t get to choose amongst the women because they don’t have the qualifications for it. Most people’s destinies are CHOSEN FOR THEM… by their parents, teachers, peers, jobs, and other factors. Its hard to dominate when you’ve been dominated all your life unless you choose differently.

To choose your own destiny, in my opinion, you need to be BETTER than the status quo. You need to live on parameters that are exceptional and not common or average. If most people work on the weekdays and sleep on the weekends you are busy setting up your future ALL DAY, EVERYDAY 247. Understand that everyone else lives under commoner parameters…. they judge their ego and confidence on what school they finished in, how much money they make or mom and dad makes, or if they’re tall or short… this is utter BS… take that away and they can be compared to scared little bunnies that don’t know what to do.

Put your eggs into the things that make you EXCEPTIONAL… be a leader, be responsible for your actions, remove negativity from your life, think out of the box and get out of that box! PLAN your destiny and execute non-stop… at a pace that is so RELENTLESS nobody will see you coming. Then and only then, will you start having the RIGHT to REALLY CHOOSE.

Anyways, that’s my quick blog for Father’s Day. Its my first! Happy Father’s day to all the Dad’s out there and if you’ve been inspired or loved well by your fathers, make sure you greet them today or do something special. As much as they might not show too much emotion, they feel it when you remind them how dear they are to you.



Our Evolution (Years 2007-2013)

consequences-of-evolution-631So today I got up on a nice Sunday morning in LA because I wanted to share a core philosophy of mine that dates back to the early beginnings of 247 Attractive Man. I believe this is something you MUST READ from start to end because its important you understand what we’ve evolved to for the past several years and why now, 2013, is different from say, 2007. For some who are newbies here and want to know a bit about our history that dates waaay back, you guys should read this.

Let’s go back a few years:

2007 was a great time. I had around 20-25 Private Camps going back to back in the middle of the year.  With a LOT of guys wanting to learn every dimension of what I taught, was in very high demand whether you were a average dude, a cool dude, a pick up artist, or what not. When I thought about the first ever “product” (not program) for Troy Dizon Dating, it didn’t take more than ten minutes to actually come up with something that would embody everything that this system stood for. The result, the name Champions of Choice.


How to Set Up Better Dates


Learn this Stuff, Get the Girl on a Date, Get a Girl DURING the Date. #WIN

This article is on How you can set up better dates. Are you tired of gunning after every single phone number you get only to get rejected, flaked on, and friend-zoned? Well you need to listen up because on this article I’ll talk about the importance of a date for women, how they deal with men asking them out on a date, and what YOU CAN DO to increase your odds of getting her attracted on those few hours you’re with her on a date.

First, is understanding HOW IMPORTANT DATES ARE to both men and women. To men, its basically the NEXT STEP from an initial meet up and contacts exchange. We get lots of numbers and new Facebook friends, so once we built a huge enough database we men get impatient and want to get it on to the next level.

Now for women, its a lot more CRUCIAL than men. Take note I used the word CRUCIAL. Why?